Trip Reports

Below find links to trip reports from the Pfiffner Traverse, both thru- and section-hikes. Only a fraction of Pfiffner Traverse hikers ever post a trip report, and the included reports are only those that are sent to me or that I stumble upon.

If you’d like your trip report listed, please share a link in the comments and I’ll include it.

Not included in this list are trip reports about similar routes in the Front Range that require a notably different skill set (e.g. 5th class scrambling) or that deviate considerably from my recommended route, notably the LA Freeway and Fast Pfiffner.

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  1. Will Gregg on August 7, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    Hi, Andrew. Here’s my link!

    Had a great time. Thanks for the work you put into the guide.

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