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If you want to shave years off of your backpacking learning curve this is the way to do it! — Josh S

The trip exceeded my expectations! The people were great, the scenery was beyond compare, and I felt I was in really good hands with my guides. Compared to what you get elsewhere, the level of instruction and preparation far exceeds anything else I have seen. I look forward to going on more trips with Andrew and his team! — Michele T

I walked away with the confidence and tools needed to be able to successfully plan my own future adventures. — Danny C

I had lots of day hiking and car camping experience, but no overnight backpacking experience. I learned so much during the planning curriculum and then in the field, and feel like I can now make smart decisions when it comes to gear, routes, and campsites. — Kate K

This was a great experience for an ageing hiker who wants to keep it up! Andrew’s pre-trip curriculum, attention to each hiker, and the many details make every dollar well-spent. — Joyce M

Stop living vicariously through your favorite YouTube backpacking stars! Instead, learn from Andrew about the gear and skills you need to go on the amazing adventures that you love to watch online. The 3-day course is ideal for someone who has little first-hand experience or free time, and needs hiking partners. — John W


My first trip with Andrew exceeded my expectations in every way. This was a true off-trail experience involving extensive pre-trip planning, navigation across physically challenging terrain, group decision-making on route options. Our guides Brian and Dave fostered an environment of learning, and encouraged us to take the lead, assess risk, and make sound decisions. My knowledge and confidence grew everyday. — Tim S

Andrew’s guides are encouraging, fun, patient, and extremely proficient. With his team I saw parts of the park I would never have seen on my own. — Isadora R

I’ve been studying Andrew Skurka’s methods for years, and this guided trip was the perfect practical application of all of those things. — Zachary G

It was an incredible trip led by an all-star guide team. I learned a lot about off-route travel and developed confidence and skills to start exploring high routes on my own. The route itself was out of this world, and the entire experience is a bucket-list item. — Victoria L

The highest praise I can give Andrew’s trips is that I would not hesitate for a moment in spending my hard earned dollars and using my limited vacation time to take another trip with him! — Glenn S

The 5-day Adventure trip was a pivotal outdoor experience for me. I had done several 5-6 day trip of my own before, but I reached a point where I really needed someone else to help me develop more advanced skills. This trip has provided the foundation for many future off-trail adventures, from putting together a gear list and researching trail conditions, to field navigation and gaining confidence both on and off the trail. — Keela P

I had high expectations going into this trip, and they were all dramatically exceeded. With excellent guides, great travel partners, and jaw-dropping scenery, this experience will be hard to beat. — Andrew H

After two Adventure level trips, I have nothing but praise for Andrew and the guides he works with on these trips. It’s a supportive environment to learn new skills that you can apply to future excursions. — Alex D

The way that Andrew evaluates every applicant and places them in the correct groups is very special (and he’s very good at it). Our group was like-minded and caring, and we immediately bonded — Kenan H


Andrew’s commitment to excellence in every aspect and detail of his guided trips is really a pretty special thing to witness. I learned a ton -– and I know that my own future backcountry adventures will be better planned, better executed, and more enjoyable because of the knowledge and experience I gained from Andrew and his team. — David K

I hiked PCT in 2016 and wanted more, but attempts to travel off-trail (including a 2018 solo hike of the Hayduke) usually left me feeling overwhelmed. After participating in Andrew’s 2019 expedition trip in AK I feel more comfortable leaving the trail behind. — Isaac W

Andrew has a wonderful way of cranking up the adventure factor, pushing to the boundaries of his crew, and giving everyone the experience of a lifetime. I will keep going on Andrews trips as long as he will keep accepting my applications. — Sonja W

I can’t play golf with Tiger or shoot around with Steph Curry, but I got a chance to hike with Flyin’ Brian Robison and Andrew Skurka. I’ve been backpacking for 40 years, but this was the best training I’ve received in land navigation since Ranger School. — Peter F

This was great introduction to an area (Alaska) that I would find difficult or impossible to pull off myself. The trip was extremely well organized in advance and executed essentially flawlessly. We had great guides and really gelled very well as a group. — Thomas H

I keep coming back to Andrew’s trips because he organizes outstanding experiences and attracts outstanding individuals. He calls himself a “guide,” but he is also an educator and coach, he is at the center of a great group of recidivist clients, and he deeply cares, at a personal level, before and during trips, doing everything that can be humanly done to meet all the clients’ goals. — Jorge L