Guided Trips

For the 2017 season I am offering six 5-day trips in September in California’s High Sierra, specifically Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park.

Schedule & Availability

Each trip will begin at 9 AM on Day 1. We will plan to exit around noon on Day 5.

Trip description

The primary goal of these trips is adventure. We will travel extensively off-trail, access seldom-visited areas, and find awesome camps. 

But we will also use the opportunity to teach or refresh you on important backcountry skills, like navigation, LNT, and the use of fussy gear like tarps and alcohol stoves.

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To ensure the best experience for everyone, clients will be sorted based on fitness and desired physical intensity. Please self-select the most appropriate trip. Write me with questions.

  • Moderate: Equivalent effort of about 15 miles per day
  • High: Equivalent effort of 15-20 miles per day
  • Very High: Equivalent effort of 20+ miles per day

“Equivalent”: Assume that you’re out for 3+ days, staying on-trail in hilly terrain, and at an oxygen-rich elevation. Our actual mileage will be less due to altitude, vertical relief, and off-trail travel.


The trips will be encompassed entirely within Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park, which is the southern bookend of California’s High Sierra.

View this map for approximate routes and important landmarks, including nearby airports. More specific travel recommendations will be shared after registration.

Group size and guides

Each group will have two guides and up to eight clients, for a total group size of ten. The guides include:

Fine print

These trips are being organized by Andrew Skurka Adventures LLC, and operated by Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides. SYMG is properly insured and permitted to offer trips in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park.

Your guides will be employees of Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides and will have the training credentials required of commercial guides by Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park.


“Both trips I’ve done with Andrew have been great learning experiences, a big jump forward from the trial-and-error method of learning from my own mistakes. I’m sure I’ll be back for another.”
— Justin LaFrance, Calgary, AB

“It was a learning experience from the time I registered to when I got back in my car at the trailhead.”
— Jeff Howell, St. Louis, MO

“It’s like learning from the Yoda of backpacking.”
— Alan York, Winston-Salem, NC

“Andrew is meticulous with his planning and coaching, and it begins months before the trip.  He genuinely wants his students to learn the skills and teaches with passion and sincerity.
— Wendy Tseng, Minneapolis, MN”

“Andrew Skurka is the quintessential 21st century outdoorsman, with outdoor skills and athleticism honed to a fine art.”
— Patrick Starich, Calgary, Alberta

“My hike with Andrew and the group was an incredibly rewarding, once in a lifetime opportunity. I would highly recommend one of his guided trips.”
— Drew Anthony, Starksville, MS

“Do not hesitate. Andrew’s Fundamentals Course is more than a great investment; it’s a great experience!”
— Aubrey Bogard, Fort Worth, TX

“The positives for me were 5 star course content, backpacking confidence building, EXTREMELY well planned, great food, and an awesome adventure. There were no negatives. You do a wonderful job of sharing your love and knowledge of this.”
— Lori Alexander, Rockland, ME

“Andrew is an excellent teacher, patient, yet expects his students to take it seriously as well. I enjoyed the fact that he didn’t treat the women in the group any differently.”
— Jane Burns, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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