Submit Deposits & Payments

Trip prices are listed here.

My cancellation policy is described here.

Payment schedule

Once you receive a PDF invoice from me, please send your non-refundable deposit within two (2) weeks. Deposit amounts are:

  • Fundamentals: $300
  • Adventure: $500
  • Expedition: $750

Your balance is due 60 days prior to the start of the trip. I will send you a reminder and statement beforehand.

Payment options

Deposits and balances can be submitted in three ways (listed in order of preference):

b. Zelle

This free peer-to-peer service has been adopted by many banks, including the larger ones. View the list of participating banks. You must enroll before sending payment.

a. Check

Make payable to: Andrew Skurka Adventures LLC

Mail to:

  • Andrew Skurka Adventures LLC
  • 3909 Apache Ct E
  • Boulder CO 80303

c. PayPal

To cover PayPal’s transaction fees, a 3% surcharge will be placed on PayPal transactions*. Please add it to the amount.

* It’s possible to avoid the fees — and the surcharge — by transferring funds from your PayPal balance and/or a bank account. Instructions depend on your account type; try:

  • On the “Send Money” page, select “Send money to friends and family.”
  • Alternatively, under “Send & Request,” select the “More” tab, and then “Send a gift.”
  • Do not request PayPal Purchase Protection.

Send payment to: [email protected]

Payment confirmation

When your payment is received, an email confirmation and receipt will be sent to you.

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