Submit Deposits & Payments

Trip prices are listed here.

The cancellation policy is described here.

Payment schedule

Once you receive a PDF invoice from me, please send your non-refundable deposit within two (2) weeks. Deposit amounts are:

  • Fundamentals: $300
  • Adventure: $500
  • Expedition: $1000

Your balance is due 60 days prior to the start of the trip. I will send you a reminder and statement beforehand.

Application fee

The $25 Application Fee will be credited to the cost of your trip.

Your initial invoice will not reflect this payment. So your actual balance is the amount shown minus $25. If you choose to pay the entire amount at once (rather than submitting a deposit and then a balance), please subtract $25 from the amount shown.

Payment options

Deposits and balances can be submitted in three ways (listed in order of preference):

a. Zelle

This free peer-to-peer service has been adopted by many banks, including large institutions like Chase and Bank of America. View the list of participating banks. You must enroll before sending payment, and a low dollar cap may be placed on your first use (in which case it’s okay to send multiple payments over a few days).

b. Check

Make payable to: Andrew Skurka Adventures LLC

Mail to:

  • Andrew Skurka Adventures LLC
  • 3909 Apache Ct E
  • Boulder CO 80303

c. Venmo and PayPal

Both platforms may charge transactions fees, and if so you should add a 3% cost-recovery surcharge to your payment. A 3% fee on a $300 deposit is $9; on a $500 deposit, $15; on a $1000 deposit, $30; on balance payments, it varies with the amount.

Transaction fees can be avoided, and the 3% surcharge will be waived for fee-less payments. For Venmo details, go here; for PayPal, go here.

With both platforms, fees can be avoided by using funds from your Venmo/PayPal balance or from your bank; credit cards trigger a fee. With PayPal, the payment must be specified that it’s for family or friends, and Purchase Protection cannot be requested.

Payment confirmation

When your payment is received, an email confirmation and receipt will be sent to you.