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  • map-and-compass-clinic

    Backpack Coaching – Online & In-person

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  • climbers-salve-top

    Bonnie’s Balms — Healing Salve — 2 oz

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  • cover-image

    Backpacking Food: Recipes, Rations, Stoves & Storage – PDF

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  • Below Longley Pass

    Kings Canyon High Basin Route Guide – Download

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  • Sunset and the St. Vrain Glaciers, as seen from the Continental Divide near the boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park and the Indian Peaks Wilderness

    Pfiffner Traverse Guide — Download

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  • shr_frozen-lake-pass

    Sierra High Route Mapset & Databook – Download

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  • The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide (Second Edition), by Andrew Skurka

    The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide (Second Edition): Tools & Techniques to Hit the Trail

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  • No, this is not Alaska, it’s still Wyoming. Klondike Peak, the Sourdough Glacier, and Iceberg Lake.

    Wind River Range High Route Guide – Download

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  • hdt_marble-canyon

    Hayduke Trail Hiking Resources Bundle – Download

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  • ngm_march11_cover

    National Geographic. “Circling Alaska in 176 Days.” Signed copy.

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  • gwl_map

    Great Western Loop and Sea-to-Sea Route Slideshows – FREE Download

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