Welcome Packet

You’ve been offered a spot on a 2019 trip and have confirmed it. Now what?


I will send you an invoice via email. Deposits are due within 14 days. Balances are due 60 days from the start of your trip. I will send out a reminder beforehand.

For payment instructions, go here.

After I receive your deposit, I will mail you a copy of my book, The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide, which will be extremely useful during the…

Planning Curriculum

After the application period winds down, we begin a 7-part  Planning Curriculum, participation in which is required. The more time you invest in it, the more you will get out of it.

To get you set up with the Curriculum, I will add you to:

  • Google Groups, our email list platform; and,
  • Google Drive, a cloud-based document-sharing platform.


All sessions start at 9 AM on Day 1, and end around noon on the final day.

For a day-by-day description of the trips, go here.

If you are flying to the trip location, you will need to arrive the day before your trip starts. Depending on the distance to the airport and the flight schedules, you may be able to fly out late on the final day. Please don’t cut it too close.

If you are local, try to be within a few hours of the trailhead so that you don’t have a horribly early wake-up time on the morning of Day 1.


Once your dates and the starting trailhead have been confirmed, you are encouraged to make lodging reservations.

Many of our trip locations are at high altitudes, and non-acclimatized clients may experience acute mountain sickness (e.g. headache, nausea, loss of appetite). To minimize the risk of consequential symptoms, you are encouraged to spend the night before the trip at altitude.

In Colorado, stay in Grand Lake, Estes Park, or similar. In California, consider the lodge or campground in Lodgepole, or a campground in Tuolumne Meadows.

There is only one exception to this recommendation: if you live at altitude. However, you should still try to occasionally get into the high country before your trip — the air is a lot thinner at 12k than 5k.

Travel & Lodging Coordination

To help coordinate with other members of your group and reduce the travel cost and burden, I will create a travel-sharing doc in Google Drive.


Based on the information in your application, you were assigned to a trip that should be within your physical abilities. But your experience will be more enjoyable and comfortable if you maintain or improve your fitness.

Link: Training tips for the Colorado Rockies & High Sierra

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