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What do past clients have to say about our trips?

Jeff Howell, St. Louis, MO

I just finished 60 miles on the Wonderland Trail in 6 days, and couldn’t have done it without taking your introductory course. I never would have had enough confidence in my skills without it. A lot of hikers asked about my small pack, my tarp made of “outer-space-looking” material, and my sleeping bag without a zipper. I had, by far, the smallest and lightest kit on the trail (22 lbs. w/food, fuel and water).

Jane Burns, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

If you are considering a trip with Andrew, don’t think twice — go for it.  You will have a blast and in the process learn an amazing amount.  Andrew takes his “mentorship” very seriously, and I would encourage you to drink it all in and follow his lead from the time you sign up, until the last few steps of the hike.  He is an excellent teacher, patient, yet expects his students to take it seriously as well.  I enjoyed the fact that he didn’t treat the women in the group any differently.  He took everyone’s skill level into consideration without regard to gender.  Have fun — it is worth every penny!

Russell Lloyd, New York City, NY

Last August, I started considering a long-distance hike through Iceland and the few that I told this aspiration to unanimously agreed that it was a crazy idea.  I spent the next months trying to develop skills and gain knowledge that would increase the probability of success.  Your website and book, and the 3-day course course I took with you, were the biggest factors in making this trip do-able for me.  I could go on in detail about how they impacted my experience, but I will leave it at: thank you for helping me.

Rob Timko, Boulder, CO

Being an avid trail runner but, beginner hiker, I wanted to learn how to really enjoy multi-day outings, with a pack. Not only did I learn about the gear, skills, tips, and tricks to comfortably do so, but I’m much more confident in myself and I look forward to using what I’ve learned to further expand my horizons.

Cate Burnett, Index, WA

Andrew provided just the right amount of skill honing I needed to feel confident in cross-country travel. He and his guides provided focused instruction with patience and humor. His trips are 100% instructional from start to finish. Being an experienced wilderness guide I found incredible value participating in one of his courses and had a lot of fun along the way.

Nick Creadon, Golden, CO

The skills I picked up during the two weeks with Andrew can not be replicated with any book or class.  The pre-trip preparation from Andrew coupled with the guidance from both guides during the trip set me up to successfully learn the intricacies of ultralight backpacking.  This gave me a chance to push my comfort level beyond what I had ever dreamed in a place like no other in the world.

Patrick Starich, Calgary, Alberta

Andrew Skurka is the quintessential 21st century outdoorsman, with outdoor skills and athleticism honed to a fine art. His adventure trips allow clients to experience some of the most remote and breathtaking backcountry in North America while learning from a true master. A wilderness trek with Andrew will be among the most memorable experiences of your life.

Wes Thurman, Colorado Springs, CO

They say that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Andrew has devoted well over a thousand 10-hour days on some of the toughest trails and wilderness areas in North America. I filled a notebook with all of the things that I learned from hiking in Alaska with him. Considering the amount of knowledge and experience that he is able to relate to each participant, his trips are simply a bargain.

Wendy Tseng, Minneapolis, MN

I am an avid ultra trail runner and have wanted to get into long-distance hiking. I signed up for Andrew’s 3-day Backpacking Fundamentals course to learn basic backpacking skills since I did not have any experience at all. Above all, the learning experience was incredibly valuable — I cannot emphasize this aspect enough. Andrew is meticulous with his planning and coaching, and it begins months before the trip. He genuinely wants his students to learn the skills and teaches with passion and sincerity. I feel confident about using a map and compass to navigate because he took the time to coach us one-on-one and repeat the exercises multiple times throughout the trip. I learned so much and had a wonderful time getting to know a diverse group of people who share a common passion for the outdoors. I will definitely go on another one of Andrew’s trips.

Phil Barton, Tulsa, OK

A hike with Andrew is the real deal. My son and I had an amazing week and took our backcountry experience to a higher level. The success started months ahead of time with detailed planning and team building. The hike was even better than we hoped thanks to the patience, coaching, and camaraderie of Andrew, Buzz, and our entire crew. In addition to a phenomenal trip in amazing country I gained something for every dimension of outdoor skills.

Drew Anthony, Starkville, MS

I started my trip with Andrew as an amateur hiker, and by its end I was confident in my ability to use navigational tools and topographical maps, and to hike off-trail.  The knowledge I gained about food and gear preparation for a hike was invaluable. My hike with Andrew and the group was an incredibly rewarding, once in a lifetime opportunity. I would highly recommend one of his guided trips.

Shane Staats, Skokie, IL

I spent a week with Andrew in the High Sierra expecting to learn as much as I can about backpacking so that I can experience nature in a more intimate way. I walked away learning how to plan, pack, navigate and feel confident in my skills to explore anywhere I choose.

Brian Robertson, St. Louis, MO

I’m so glad that my first backpacking trip was with Skurka! The knowledge I acquired in gear selection, trip planning, and off-trail navigation has equipped me to confidently begin taking similar outings on my own or with friends. The high altitude and rugged terrain really challenged a few in our group (myself included) mentally and physically, and Andrew was very attentive to our needs while still pushing us to make the most of the entire experience.

Gerry Morton, Manhattan Beach, CA

Andrew Skurka is phenomenal!  When I decided to hike the entire John Muir Trail in 7 days, I searched for someone who could guide the trip.  I was introduced to Andrew as one of the only people capable of helping me to make that vision a reality.  Andrew took me from zero to successful completion in style.  Andrew worked with me on a gear list and helped me secure all new equipment for the trip.  He then led me through the 230 miles (34 miles per day) with fun, positivity, and an endless wealth of knowledge sharing.  I learned more about fast backpacking in 7 days with Andrew than I had learned in my whole life up to that point.  If you have the opportunity to work with Andrew or join on one of his trips, I strongly encourage you to take full advantage.  You’ll be glad you did!

Gerry is the President & CEO of

Katherine Kane, Portland OR

As a mom hoping to get back to a long-sidelined goal of doing more backpacking, Andrew Skurka’s classes were the perfect way to get me out again! I knew I wanted to lighten up safely, and he is exactly the sort of mentor and instructor I had been seeking. His trips exceeded my expectations in an interesting way; while he and his awesome assistants taught me many critical skills, what I valued most was learning from his decision-making process. Witnessing his excellent judgment — from the planning stage through the course of each trip — instilled a certain confidence that I can bring with me on my own trips.

Eric Petritz, Colstrip, MT

Andrew’s knowledge of trip planning, ultralight back packing, back country skills, gear, pack rafting, and off-trail navigation is unmatched. Phenomenal trip across the Alaska range with a great group of guys and some of the most majestic and beautiful country I have ever seen. Andrew’s gear recommendations for the trip were based on his many thousands of miles hiked and they were spot on, saving us from learning the hard way. If Andrew recommends gear for a trip–get it, no questions asked!

Lori Alexander, Rockland, ME

I wanted to share how truly amazing this adventure was for me.  The positives for me were 5 star course content, backpacking confidence building, well planned, no EXTREMELY well planned, (and I’m almost sure you planned for the diversions off course for the learning experience), great food, and an awesome adventure. There were no negatives. You do a wonderful job of sharing your love and knowledge of this. You and your support crew Philip and Amanda made this one of those life altering experiences and thanks for that!

John Wright, Boulder, CO

As a trail runner and mountain biker I was attracted to Andrew’s athletic lightweight style. Many athletes rarely experience the joy of backpacking and trekking because they have never been taught a style that will satisfy their athletic needs and their love of nature at the same time. A week with Andrew in the Sierras showed me the joys of multi-day backcountry travel and now I want more.

Lisa Frugoli, Bay Area, CA

Anyone wanting to learn or develop lightweight backpacking techniques as well as off-trail navigation should seriously consider taking a class from Andrew. He shares his vast practical knowledge in an easy and collaborative manner. Whether it’s a navigation problem or how to choose a camp spot and set up a tarp, you will have fun while learning backcountry skills.

Kevin Kramer, Peninsula, OH

It is definitely more than worthwhile to experience off-trail hiking with an accomplished hiker like Andrew. He is also relatable and can bring a group together to share one great experience. I felt very comfortable throughout the trip, even in sometimes difficult and tricky terrain, and would recommend his guiding services to either someone who has experience or who is in the beginning stages.

Liang Kong, Tulsa, OK

Andrew’s trip was a great opportunity to learn from Olympic-level backpackers while enjoying a great landscape.”

William Schoenberg

After meeting Andrew in 2007 while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, I began to follow his adventures with great interest. A few years later, I jumped at the chance to hike with him on the difficult Sierra High Route. Andrew did his homework in planing this trip and also brought the legendary Brian Robinson to create an unforgetable, intense wilderness experience.

Alan York, Winston-Salem, NC

I’ve spent 30+ years backpacking and never considered a guided trip. I went to Alaska with Andrew because I was stretching my comfort/experience level. He was doing the route for the 3rd time, so he knew the line of least resistance. He also knew how to avoid the dangers. It was nice to relax and focus on moving.

I like Glenn Van Peski’s Quote from his web site: “Traveling with Andrew is like drinking from a fire hose.” It is easy to learn 98% of what you need to know to travel in the woods. The only way to learn those other 2% (the finer points) is to carefully observe someone like Andrew who has done this a lot. Those 2% points are what made the trip worthwhile. How does he manage his feet? How does he select campsites? What kind of stride does he take? It’s like learning from the Yoda of backpacking.

The trip exceeded all my expectations! Great guides. Tom Turiano, the assistant guide, was a consummate professional. Great food! Great group of guys!

It was great to have a gear list for the trip. From head to toe the gear worked without my having to test it all. I bought what Andrew suggested, and it worked perfectly for the conditions! The discounts he arranged for us also helped. I came away from the trip outfitted with a great new kit. Andrew is a master planner/detailer. From gear lists to the itinerary, all of the pieces were in order.