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We specialize in lightweight, long-distance, and off-trail backpacking

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With the help of an all-star guide team, I offer education-focused and adventurous trips in the West, Alaska, and Appalachians. We specialize in lightweight, long-distance, and off-trail backpacking. Since 2011 we have run nearly 170 trips with 1,300 clients.

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New to backpacking, or getting back into it after a long hiatus. There is a "right" way to backpack: have the gear, supplies, and skills that are appropriate for your objective and your conditions. What do I mean by that? Follow this road map.

Andrew Skurka

I'm an outdoor athlete, writer, and guide. In my twenties I hiked 30,000+ miles from sea to sea, around the West, and in Alaska. Since then I started a guide service; wrote a definitive how-to book, The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide; and ran a 2:28 marathon.


Hayduke Trail Hiking Resources Bundle


Mt. Lyell, the highest peak in Yosemite. Russell Pass, a hard Class 2 over the Cathedral Range, is the low spot on the far-right ridge, to the right of the small tower.

Yosemite High Route Guide


No, this is not Alaska, it’s still Wyoming. Klondike Peak, the Sourdough Glacier, and Iceberg Lake.

Wind River Range High Route Guide



Pfiffner Traverse

The view north from Tablelands. The  South Fork of the Kings River runs right to left through the center of the photo, out of view deep in a canyon. On the skyline can be seen the Palisades (right side) and Black Divide (left side).

Kings Canyon High Basin Route


Hayduke Trail & Grand Canyon Traverse