110 testimonials from our 2019 guided trips

Since 2014 I’ve asked clients to complete an online trip evaluation at the conclusion of their trip. It gathers feedback about their satisfaction, goals, guides, preparedness, location, physical difficulty, and meals.

The results have helped me understand what we do best and how we could further improve, and to ensure that the quality of their experience is being at least maintained and hopefully improved.

From our 2019 trips, 144 out of 167 clients (86 percent) took the survey, so I have high confidence in the results.

Overall satisfaction

The single most important survey question is the first one:

Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience?

I’ve asked this question since the beginning. On a 5-star scale, our results have been:

  • 2019: 4.92
  • 2018: 4.81
  • 2017: 4.88
  • 2016: no trips
  • 2015: 4.90
  • 2014: 4.85

We’ve always run a high quality program, but I’m particularly delighted with our 2019 score. First, it’s our best performance ever. Second, this was the case despite growing 45 percent over 2018 and despite me guiding only 35 percent of the trips. In other words, our infrastructure is strong and our guide team rocks.


Testimonials from 2019 trips

Towards the end of the survey, I ask clients to provide a testimonial if they’re willing. Of our 2019 alumni, 110 did. I will feature twenty-ish of the best on the guided trip pages, but wanted to share them all somewhere to thank the clients for being so flattering and to demonstrate to prospective clients that our program is extraordinary.

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West Virginia: Backpacking Fundamentals

This was my second Andrew Skurka fundamentals backpacking course. I was very delighted at the learning that had occurred on the first trip and how it carried over well for the second trip. Each trip offered different opportunities to learn a variety of skills due to the trips’ different terrains and weather conditions. The two courses have definitely met my personal goals for learning the beginning skills to backpack overnight— with the added bonuses of knowing what and how to pack as light weight as possible. The folks I met on the trips were great, too, and made the learning experiences even more memorable. I am excited to plan my next trip! — Sue K

Every aspect of backpacking is covered and you get out of it what you put into it. Already strong recreational backpackers my wife and I gained much confidence and had a wonderful experience even though it snowed in May in West Virginia! If you have the opportunity take a Skurka course! — Ian L

This was my first ever guided backpacking trip. The attention to detail beginning with the pre trip planning thru some very challenging weather on the trail was phenomenal. We worked together to accomplish something truly meaningful. Andrew and Matt facilitated learning without spoonfeeding or hand holding. I am so much more confident in my abilities after this trip. I can not recommend this experience highly enough. I’m looking forward to another trip next year! — Ginny L

Great shakedown trip to acquire the needed gear and skills for going solo! — David D

Stop living vicariously through your favorite YouTube backpacking stars! Instead, learn from Andrew about the gear and skills you need to go on the amazing adventures that you love to watch online. The 3-day course is ideal for someone who has little to no first-hand experience, or free time, and needs hiking partners. — John W

I learned so much more over the last 2 days than I could ever hope to learn from watching YouTube Videos or reading books. Camping at 4800 ft on a bitterly cold and windy day with two of the MOST EXPERIENCED GUIDES has given me a new level of confidence on taking on the outdoors! If you wanted to improve your basketball game, imagine if you could spend 2 days getting coached by Steph Curry and Lebron James. I had the same experience with Alan and Joe “Stringbean,” who set the Fastest Known Time (FKT) record for the Appalachian Trail a few years back!! — Vishal V

If you want to see some amazing places with amazing people, learn a ton, and eat well white doing it, I highly recommend a guided trip with Andrew Skurka. — Dylan B

I’ve been on 2 Skurka guided trips, with very different objectives, settings, and guides, and I’ve enjoyed them both immensely. I have learned to try new things I may not have tried on my own, and I have expanded my backpacking experience. I would gladly sign up for another guided trip, knowing it would be managed professionally and with great care for individual client’s needs and abilities. — Nicole P

The guide team sincerely and eagerly engages with each client on a personal level to help them learn and improve. In a short time, I felt like the guides and all of the group had become my extended family. The trip was both learning intensive and highly enjoyable, making for a very rewarding experience. — James C

Great experience for an ageing hiker (myself) who wants to keep it up! Andrew’s pre-prep and attention to each hiker and the many details make every dollar well-spent. — Joyce M

Andrew Skurka’s hiking trips are unique. The trips are educational in teaching map and compass reading, how to pack a backpack, equipment usage, setting up your selected sleeping equipment and more with Andrew’s knowledge from his hiking experiences. The guides he has selected are experienced as well with some with specialties of their on. If you want adventure and a learning experience Andrew’s hiking trips are well worth your time. — Andy Z

I’m a largely self-taught backpacker, and I hadn’t been on a trip in 2 years–since before the birth of my child. This was the perfect environment for me to get back into taking trips. The engaging and knowlegeable guides, the group camaraderie, and the practical yet challenging curriculum and hiking restored some of my lost confidence, while the wisdom of the guides was a welcome first-hand supplement to my book- and internet-gained knowledge. — Matt B

Skurka trips are like taking a college course in backpacking. It’s hard to describe the sense of accomplishment you get from executing a plan you spent months developing with your groups mates. I walked away with the confidence and tools needed to be able to successfully plan my own future adventures. — Danny C

The backpacking FUNdamentals trip in West Virginia was a fantastic trip and learning experience. Even though the weather was a bit nastier than expected, the planning curriculum had us prepared for it and i think all of us were in good spirits regardless. Beautiful part of the country. We had two great guides who only got us lost once or twice (just kidding). Alan and Joe provided some really good leadership and training allowing us to utilize what we learned and have a safe and really enjoyable trip. I would highly recommend one of these trips to anyone wanting to get better backpacking skills, brush up some rusty ones or just have fun. — Mike G

When it comes to guided excursions there are loads of choices, but Skurka Adventures has taught me how to create an exciting backcountry adventure happen. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to go further in conditions most would deem not ideal. Was it worth the money? I can confirm it definitely was. — Brian V

The West Virginia Fundamentals course was incredible. The guides were world class. They were incredibly knowledgeable and fun, and the views were spectacular. If you want to shave years off of your backpacking learning curve this is the way to do it! — Josh S

For anyone who wants to get started into backpacking in the American wilderness, look no further than Andrew’s guided trips. The trips are not only rightly priced as compared to other companies in the market, but also give a feeling that you are with people who are relatable, experienced and kind. — Deepti B

I can enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Andrew and his team’s guided trips. I had lots of day hiking and car camping experience, and no overnight backpacking experience. I thought going with a group would allow me to learn a few things, and give me the confidence to get out there on my own. The planning and field curriculum taught me SO much in the weeks leading up to the trip, and during. I feel like I can make smart decisions when it comes to gear, routes, and campsites now, and have a brand new network of friends to run backpacking ideas and trips by. — Kate K

Andrew’s trip pound for pound provide the greatest learning resource for the time spent in real world scenarios that you just cannot get in a book. Great value, invaluable advice and a deep bench of experienced guides. — Trevor N

I couldn’t have asked for a better class to prepare me to plan and take my own backpacking trips with friends. Between the pre-trip curriculum and on-trail instruction, they covered what I needed to know to be safe and comfortable on the trail (and off!). I took the fundamentals class with Alan Dixon and Ron Bell in WV, and I will certainly be joining future classes—to learn more, but also the trip was just a blast! — Matt H

I spent three fantastic (rainy) days with Andrew Skurka and Joe McConaughy on Andrew’s 3-day Backpacking Fundamentals trip in WV. I’ve been a life-long backpacker, but I was lacking in some fundamentals like map and compass, which was preventing me from embarking on more challenging trips. I was excited to find out that map and compass was a focus of the fundamentals trip. With Andrew’s patience and repetition, I was able to learn this critical skill needed for future trips. If you at all interested in signing up for one of Andrew’s trips, I encourage you do it. You will never regret your decision. Andrew is a skilled leader and patient teacher. He’ll make you feel welcome, no matter your age or gender. You’ll join a group of strangers at the trail-head, but you will leave at the end of your trip as friends. — David W

Still smiling after hiking four miles out on the notoriously muddy and wet Lumberjack Trail.

Yosemite: Backpacking Fundamentals

This guided trip was the most eye opening experience I’ve had while backpacking. Andrew and his team give world class service alongside amazing sites. Be prepared to learn and have fun. — Giang V

What a great trip! As a beginner, I acquired the necessary gear, learned to pack efficiently, and learned effectively by being in the wilderness and applying skill in a safe environment – next trip is solo – also, the prepared food was filling and damn tasty!! — Vanessa G

I was someone who hadn’t backpacked in over 20+ years, Andrew’s course taught me the preparation and skills needed to successfully enjoy the backcountry. As soon as you start the course you are learning and planning. Once in the field, you soon realize all the prep pays off. Truly an awesome experience that I hope to repeat. — Joseph B

The trip exceeded my expectations! The people were great, the scenery was beyond compare and I felt I was in really good hands with my guides. Compared to what you get elsewhere, the level on instruction and preparation far exceeds anything else I have seen. You will learn more about gear than most any other resource can teach out and the curriculum is very complete in terms of navigation, food, assessing conditions, planning a route. I look forward to going on more trips with Andrew and his team! — Michele T

The fundamentals course exceeded high expectations. The pre hike preparation was great. On the trail the teaching, fun, and natural beauty was awesome. I’m 72 and had never backpacked before. Andrew and Paul were super and made the adventure a success and challenge for all. What an opportunity to learn from the best! — Bill H

The 3-day fundamental trip gave me the right tools to keep learning how to backpack in wilderness and I am hungry for more next year! Highly recommended for all levels of hikers and campers who want to explore the backcountry without carrying legacy backpacking weight. — Kiyoshi K

I learned a lot of great skills that I will use in future trips, especially map and compass. I learned to pack smarter and lighter. — Cindy K

This was a fantastic experience and the best way I can think of to kick start my knowledge of how to backpack safely and comfortably. I highly recommend this trip for beginners or those with a little backpacking experience but not enough confidence. — Randy D

We had an overall fantastic experience on our fundamentals trip to Yosemite. Andrew ensured that we were well prepared heading into the trip. I really appreciated being able to demo gear during the trip because some gear selections can be so personal. I borrowed a Sierra Designs quilt and will definitely be purchasing it to replace my heavier sleeping bag. The route was the perfect level of difficultly to challenge us, provide incredible views and also ensure we had time to learn and rest along the way. And the meals were delicious! We would highly recommend to anyone looking for a more hands-on learning experience and a trip that will challenge them! Thank you Andrew, Brian and Dave for a truly memorable experience! — Michelle J

Loved the trip and Yosemite is gorgeous. Andrew and Paul were full of the kind knowledge and experience that I will be using for years to come. — Jennifer N

Andrew’s guided trips are an amazing opportunity for those that want to learn the basics for backpacking in the wilderness. We had an amazing pair of guides that made us feel safe and let us explore freely while teaching us from their past experiences. I cant wait to go on another trip in the future! — Denyse H

Dinnertime with alpenglow on Mount Conness, the highest peak in northern Yosemite

Yosemite: Adventure (5- or 7-day)

Andrew and his team have put in an incredible amount of effort to help build skills across every phase of a trip. Whether you are looking to build stamina, understand what snacks to bring, and how to walk efficiently or planning a 7 day off-trail trip they have you covered. I would fully recommend this program to anyone considering it, especially at the reasonable cost. — Ram D

Amazing adventure! I had some backpacking experience but wanted to learn more to increase my confidence. My trip with Andrew far exceeded my expectations in every way. The pre-planning component was huge with time spent on gear, fitness, and navigational tools. The trip itself was incredible and provided lots of opportunities to practice newly learned skills with a great group of like-minded people. You definitely get out of one of Andrew’s trips what you put in. Unforgettable experience!! — Christine T

My first adventure trip with Andrew Skurka exceeded expectations in every way. This was a true off trail experience involving extensive pre-trip planning, navigation across physically challenging terrain, group decision making on route options with the reward of knowing you are in areas very few others experience. Our guides Brian and Dave fostered an environment of learning, encouraged us to take the lead, assess risk and make sound decisions. My knowledge and confidence grew everyday. — Tim S

Incredible trip led by an all-star team of guides. I learned a lot about off-route traverse and developed confidence and skills to start exploring high routes on my own. The route itself was out of this world, and the entire experience is a bucket-list item. — Victoria L

For anyone who is interested in increasing his/her backpacking skills in a beautiful location, with like-minded people and with highly professional and personable guides, and who is willing to be challenged physically, Andrew’s trip is for you! The highest praise I can give Andrew’s trips is that I would not hesitate for a moment in spending my hard earned dollars and using my limited vacation time to take another trip with him!!!!! — Glenn S

Great trips for anyone looking to improve wilderness travel skills or have an efficient, well-organized adventure. From the pre-trip curriculum & advice to the on-the-ground experience, my experience & confidence grew immeasurably. I feel much more ready to undertake my own ambitious trips, & I look forward to joining Andrew & the other guides on another trip in the future. Thanks for everything! — Chris P

I had high expectations going into this trip, and they were all dramatically exceeded. With excellent guides, great travel partners, and jaw-dropping scenery, this experience will be hard to beat. — Andrew H

Andrew delivers a world-class experience for backpacking in the best locations that the USA has to offer. The guides are deeply experienced. I’m impressed how caring and patient the guides are in teaching skills in the field. Using a well-tuned planning process you will be ready to hike when you arrive at the trailhead. Your experience on a Skurka adventure will take your skills to a higher level. And you will meet some awesome, new friends in your group. — Phil B

Skurka Adventures provides first class adventures in the backcountry. The exceptional skill levels possessed by the guides as well as their ability to understand the abilities of their clients ensures that all clients are challenged within engaging and safe limits. — Geoff J

I had the good fortune to join an adventure trip in Yosemite NP, guided by Andrew and Dave Eitemiller. Both Andrew and Dave went above and beyond to make this trip a great experience for everyone, and I gained a lot of confidence in my own ability to travel off-trail in the High Sierra. There were the expected opportunities to learn various skills – e.g., trip planning, navigation with map and compass (and GPS), etc – but I think in retrospect many of these skills can be learned, with sufficient dedication to practice in the field, on your own. What was irreplaceable, however, was simply being around such experienced backcountry and high route travelers, learning some of the little things, practically through osmosis, about e.g., how to maximize recovery during down time, how to move efficiently in technical terrain, and most importantly, how to deal with the unexpected and often challenging circumstances that inevitably arise in such travel. Our trip was eventful to put it mildly, and through it all both Andrew and Dave, and indeed the rest of other clients, exemplified the advice of another famous backcountry traveler to accept and adapt (and eventually, hopefully, appreciate) whatever comes your way out there. Make no mistake, a week in which everything went perfectly to plan would have been splendid fun. But I believe that this experience was more valuable, and ultimately richer soil in which to grow my own abilities, and all the more so because of the example set by everyone involved. If you want a completely safe trip, with a virtual guarantee of Instagram friendly photo ops and comfortable, predictable travel, then these trips may not be for you. But if you want to be challenged, stretch your abilities and comfort zones, and jump start development of the skills and mindset required for your own exploration of the high country, either solo or leading a group of friends, I highly recommend taking an adventure trip with Andrew and Dave! — Ken J

Prior to Andrew’s trip, I considered myself an experienced day hiker and intermediate backpacker. But my backpacking trips were mostly highlighted by periods of misery: awful food and terribly sore muscles due to a backpack overloaded with fear and too much food. Now I can plan my own trips knowing I’ll have everything I need and I’ll still be comfortable hiking. The skills I learned have enabled me to enjoy backpacking instead of viewing it as an exercise in tolerating discomfort. That coupled with amazing guides in world class locations makes these trips worth every penny. — Nate K

This trip was fantastic! Andrew and Dave were both extremely knowledgeable and supportive throughout the trip. There were clinics daily to teach and/or reinforce skills, with both guides ensuring each member truly understood the lesson. The group was put together well, and I met people who I believe will be friends for years to come. I was challenged daily and very happy with the outcome of this journey. I’ll be back for another! — Jo R

After two Adventure level trips, I have nothing but praise for Andrew and the guides he works with on these trips. It’s a challenging, supportive environment to learn new skills that you can take with you on future excursions. Come prepared with questions because you’ll get more answers than you might imagine. Be ready to push your limits, and have some type 2 fun doing it. — Alex D

Andrew Skurka Adventures provides the perfect mix of learning new hiking skills, exploring beautiful locations and fun. Highly recommend after two successful trips. — Rick K

I wanted go on this trip, but wondered if I’d really feel like it was worth the expense and logistical precision. It defied expectations. 100% recommended. — Jonathan W

I had an incredible time. I climbed mountains I wouldn’t have dreamed of climbing before. I made amazing friends by the end of the trip and the food was so delicious! I can’t wait to do it again. — Colleen N

The trips I’ve taken with Andrew have been one of the biggest single factors in improving my comfort in the outdoors, both on day trips and backpacking. Both the guides and the settings are incredible, and I would encourage anyone interested to sign up. — Andrew H

Being able to practice and hone crucial skills under the supervision of absolute experts is what makes these trips worth every penny. Five days in the Yosemite backcountry has given me the confidence to take my trip planning to the next level. After this trip, I feel ready to tackle off trail navigation, snowy passes, river crossings and high routes on my own. Hoping to come back for an Alaska trip soon. — Ryan M

When my girlfriend suggested we do a Skurka trip, I was skeptical – thinking I didn’t need to pay for a backpacking trip because I thought I new as much as I needed to know to do my own backpacking trips. I am so incredibly glad I took her advice. It was a trip of a lifetime! I am incredibly grateful to Andrew and his exceptionally skilled guides. — Matt S

With Andrew Skurka, I know each trip will be well planned, the route superb, the meals excellent, and the educational component very informative. If you desire to take your backpacking to the next level, this is how you do it. — Rod B

Ascending Don’t Be A Smart Pass, overlooking upper McCabe Lake and the Shepherd Crest

Rocky Mountain: Backpacking Fundamentals

I had a good time and learned some stuff. It was fun to go out with a group and guides. I appreciated getting to use Andrew’s demo gear to help me decide what (not) to buy (a hammock). The other members of the group were great and I enjoyed being with them immensely. — Chuck G

Mary and Mike are great guides and teachers. They are experienced, confident and knowledgeable. I am planning to joint your team next year on an adventure trip, hopefully with my son. — Nasser Z

The guides knowledge and expertise are impressive. I learned so much. I can’t wait to go on a more advanced trip to test my skills. — Scott G

Andrew Skurka Adventures provides a comprehensive backpacking experience that teaches all aspects of backpacking, including overall planning, conditional assessment, gear selection and review, actual hands on training in the field, navigation, meal planning and overall self-reliance. The guides are second to none and consider your individual goals in making the trip a success. You will come out of one of the guided trips with the confidence to plan and execute a backpacking trip on your own. — Doug O

This trip provided everything I was hoping for: Confidence when I plan a backpacking trip, knowledge on what I needed to succeed, and a way to learn to be more adventurous. Skurka’s team was amazing in every way. — Justin D

I was very pleasantly surprised with the route. I did not expect it to be so rewarding and challenging. It was a great way to actually put into practice the exercises we studied! — Mark S

My favorite backpacking trip to date. I learned to cook, treat water, navigate with a map, hike off trail, and poop in the woods – all while taking in the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park. I’ll be back for more! — Zach S

It’s one thing to read books and watch videos at home, but that simply can’t compare with hitting the trail with Andrew Skurka and his team for learning best practices. And on top of that, you’ll have a great time. — Roy K

This trip was absolutely incredible! I have been a car-camper and day hiker with hopes of doing more and the fundamentals trip was the perfect experience to help me do just that. The guides are beyond incredible and really tailor the experience to your personal needs and goals. Having a female guide on the trip with me was a total bonus for my learning, too. Excited to see what trips are planned for next year and can’t wait to apply my learnings to my own personal trips this Fall! — Caroline J

Being my second fundamentals trip I really appreciate the emphasis on FUN! I really felt confident with the guides abilities and the instruction was priceless. I feel totally capable to solo after this trip. — Paul W

This trip was incredible! I feel more confident to take my family backpacking and share some sweet memories in nature as we unplug from the constant craziness of life. The guides were knowledgable, patient, and great at making you feel comfortable as we learned how to navigate, choose the correct gear, clothing, food, and tools that are necessary in having a safe and enjoyable time in the backcountry. — Jessica D

This trip provided the skills needed to head out on my own into the backcountry. — Paul and Erin M

Backpacking fundamentals in a fast-paced but approachable setting. By the time you return to the trailhead you’ll be prepared to set out on your own adventure. — Shaun J

If you want to challenge yourself but reap the rewards of witnessing an amazing landscape or just share a great experience with good people, you’ll love these trips! — Kelly J

Map & compass tutorial in Wild Basin, in the shadow of Longs Peak

Rocky Mountain: Adventure (5-day)

I had an amazing experience on my 5-day RMNP Adventure trip! Skurka is very organized and his guidance in preparation for the trip invaluable. What I learned I’ll use on solo trips. The guides are very knowledgeable, patient, warm and a delight to be with; I came away with new friends. I’m looking forward to my next Skurka Adventure! — Russell E

Hiking with Andrew Skurka’s team is an incredible experience. His trips are incredibly well organized in regard to food, gear, preparation, and dividing groups to match clients’ ability levels. His guides are encouraging, fun, patient, and extremely proficient. With his team I saw parts of the park I would never have seen on my own. What I appreciate most is the unique focus on teaching backcountry skills that will allow me to more safely and confidently embark on my own trips. Isadora R

This trip far exceeded my expectations! Through the guidance of our guides and Andrew I felt comfortable upgrading my gear so that my pack is now light and efficient. I learned skills I never thought I would master- map and compass, knots, and other backpacking essentials. And on top of being amazingly productive this trip was incredibly fun. I deeply recommend this experience to anyone interested in taking their backpacking experience to the next level. — Rachel D

If you’re thinking about applying for a trip stop thinking about it and just do it. You won’t regret it. — Jeff D

Skurka’s pre-trip training and planning is only surpassed by the beauty in nature one will enjoy on an adventure such as these. — Scott W

It’s hard to put into words how much fun my trip was with Andrew Skurka and his guides. I had blast, explored some of the most incredible backcountry terrain, created some amazing friendships, and now have the skills to travel off trail and explore some high routes of my own. I’ll be forever grateful for this experience and can’t wait to sign up for my next trip! — David C

These trips have been instrumental in leveling up my own personal trips. It’s an adventure, an education and a social experience all at the same time. – Ben E

I did two consecutive years of big expedition-style backpacking trips in Alaska, so I decided to mix it up this year and go with Andrew Skurka’s company. From the moment that I got accepted into one of the trips, I knew I was in the right place. The group dynamics started immediately via email, the curriculum and learning components were fantastic, and the guides were world-class. The way that Andrew evaluates every applicant and places them in the correct groups is very special (and he’s very good at it). Our group was like-minded and caring, and we immediately bonded. This, combined with the amazing guides, made all the difference. Kudos to Andrew for putting such a fantastic business together! — Kenan H

The perfect preparation for the Pfiffner traverse, an invaluable learning experience, and changed how I think about hiking with other people! — Robert C

These trips will transform your backpacking experience from what you bring to what you eat to where offtrail you go unlike any other out there. — Ben E

The trip was a great combination of learning and adventure. Even though we had never met before, it felt like being on an adventure with a group of friends. I learned valuable new skills and got to experience places I probably would never have gone to on my own. I can highly recommend the trip for anyone that wants to take their backpacking skills to the next level while having a ton of fun. — Marcus H

Daily I faced objectives that looked impossible for me but I found that being surrounded by a like minded group of hikers with a capable guide resulted in success. — Jim H

Absolutely fantastic trip! My guides, Mike and Justin were extremely knowledgable and great fun to travel with. The education that I received during the planning phase and throughout the hike completely changed the scope of the routes that I am comfortable with attempting. — Dan B

I highly recommend an Andrew Skurka backpacking trip. The route was spectacular and well thought out, the guides were fantastic, pre-trip preparation was thorough. Overall a great experience and I definitely improved my backpacking skills and comfort level and confidence in the back country. — Jim M

The Colorado Adventure trip vastly exceeded my expectations for both the knowledge gained and the route. Andrew and his team put together a world class curriculum for planning and while out on the trail. The guides and fellow team members all complimented each other well and were constantly pushing each other to reach new limits both mentally and physically on the trail. I have no regrets on this trip and am planning on signing up for another next year! — Steven L

The 5-day Colorado Adventure trip was a pivotal outdoor experience for me. I had done several 5-6 day trip of my own before, but I reached a point where I really needed someone else to help me develop more advanced skills. This trip has provided the foundation for many future off-trail adventures—from putting together a gear list and researching trail conditions, to field navigation and gaining confidence both on and off the trail. The most memorable and valuable thing I gained from this trip was the community of people. I’ve met some lifelong hiking partners and I have dreams of doing many more trips with them in the future. — Keela P

Andrew’s team of guides and my fellow clients provided an amazing experience for my first guided trip and first foray into backpacking in Colorado. The guides were knowledgeable, patient and did a great job of enhancing my skill set. My fellow hikers had a diverse background which made for great stories and some new friendships – we are already planning a trip together next year! — Brandon F

Best group trips out there! — Chas W

In 5 days, I went from “I’ve only been on short backpacking trips once or twice” confidence level to “I am ready to organize a group ultralight trip off-trailing in the mountains”. Thats the amount of information and training was packed in these 5 days and months of prep prior to it. — Max K

I’ve been studying Andrew Skurka’s methods for years, and this guided trip was the perfect practical application of all of those things. The route was well planned, well executed, and was in no small part due to the quality and expertise of the guides. Mike Clelland and Justin Simoni made us all feel at ease, and were very aware of the demands and conditions of our route in the Rockies. I’d come on any trip with Andrew and the many guides who have dedicated their lives to this cause. I felt like I could stay out for days longer and have the tools and support to be safe if needed. — Zachary G

If you want to be challenged to grow your skills and comfort in the outdoors and have a blast doing it, this is the trip for you. Andrew and his guides provide learning and fun in equal measure. — David F

From start to finish this trip exceeded my expectations! Well organized, guides were amazing and the location took my breath away. I learned soo much that I now have the confidence to tackle any trail on my own. See you next year!! — Paul W

From atop Mt. Taylor (elev 13,000+), a very worthy side-trip

Gates of the Arctic: Expedition

I’ve been on multiple trips with Andrew and each one has been fantastic in it’s own unique well. Plus I’ve gone from a novice to feel comfortable backpacking off trail on my own. — Todd M

I went on this trip expecting to improve my skills and have a great time. I left with an adventure of a lifetime, an experience that will always be treasured, new friends to explore the great outdoors with and a much better understanding of my capabilities and limitations. A very well organized trip and learning experience with absolutely superb guides. — Michael L

Amazing adventures with awesome guides and fellow backpackers, 3 years in a row! Can’t recommend Andrew’s trips enough for those interested in an immersive backpacking experience in beautiful wilderness settings. — Lance L

There’s no fitting way to describe a week of trekking in the Alaska Brooks Range, you simply have to experience it. The solitude, the grandeur, the all-day sunshine, the bugs and the bears make it one of the memorable hiking locations on the planet. Thanks to Andrew Skurka and his hand-picked guide teams, one goes in prepared and leaves with increased abilities and a true appreciation for nature’s majesty. Check this one off your bucket list! — Sam D

Excellent adventure all-around. Challenging but great fun and highly satisfying. Go for it! — John M

Andrew’s commitment to excellence in every aspect and detail of his guided trips is really a pretty special thing to witness. I learned a ton – and I know that my own future backcountry adventures will be better planned, better executed, and more enjoyable because of the knowledge and experience I gained from Andrew and his team. I can’t wait to do it again. — David K

I hiked PCT in 2016 and wanted more but attempts to travel off trail, including a 2018 solo hike of the Hayduke, usually left me feeling overwhelmed. After participating in Andrew’s 2019 expedition trip in AK I feel more comfortable leaving the trail behind. — Isaac W

I can’t imagine going with any other guiding service. Look at their resumes, these are the best backpackers in the world. Even if you are already an “advanced” backpacker, there is something here for you. — Danny C

Andrew and his guides put together a first rate experience for me and have provided me the skillset and confidence to put together my own trips. I am a return customer and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning new skills and having an extremely well organized adventure. — Eric D

My trip to Gates with Andrew is one of the highlights of my wilderness travel experience. It was beautiful, challenging, and exciting. I’ll never forget climbing Ariel Peak and descending to Arrigetch Creek. The trip itself was spectacular, and with the skills I’ve picked up I now feel like a whole new set of wilderness adventures are accessible to me. I’m incredibly excited to put these newfound skills to use on my routes! — Jacob K

Traveling through Gates of the Arctic NP with Andrew and Justin in the summer of 2019 was one of the most EPIC things I’ve even done. The trip was hard, it was challenging, and it was physically and emotionally demanding. But it was also adventurous, breathtaking, and life fulfilling… plus we saw wild wolves. Andrew has a wonderful way of cranking up the adventure factor, pushing to the boundaries of his crew, and giving everyone the experience of a lifetime. I will keep going on Andrews trips as long as he will keep accepting my applications. He excels when it comes to pulling together a group of fit killer athletes and taking them to wild places to do hard things. Thanks Andrew, and team! — Sonja W

I know of no other guide service that provides such a complete, practical, adventuresome, fun curriculum for developing hiking skills. The program and trips are helpful to beginners as they step into the world of backpacking and are equally helpful for advanced hikers who want to learn skills they need to take on more significant hiking projects; fact evidenced by the amount of alumni who go on to do substantial through hikes or hiking expeditions on their own. — Dave E

The Alaska trip was well worth with it – Andrew and Justin gave us a safe but challenging, first class adventure through some of the world’s wildest terrain. — Wes T

If you want to really learn how to backpack with some of the sports’ premier practitioners, This is the group. I can’t play golf with Tiger or shoot around with Steph Curry, but I got a chance to hike with Flyin’ Brian Robison and Andrew Skurka. I’ve been backpacking for 40 years, but I learned a lot; how to bring the right gear, the right amount of food, and be safe without being burdened with unnecessary items. Also, the best training I’ve received in land navigation since Ranger School, along with great opportunity to practice. — Peter F

It was a true privilege to be out in the wilderness of Alaska with Andrew Skurka Adventures. Even more important than being led by these amazing guides, I was struck with the wonderful human being each was. I learned much. I was challenged and went beyond what I believed I could accomplish. This was truly a life altering experience, and I am a better person for being a part of it. — Matthew M

This was great introduction to an area (Alaska) that I would find difficult or impossible to pull off myself. The trip was extremely well organized in advance and executed essentially flawlessly. We had great guides and really gelled very well as a group. We were well- matched physically, surely a consequence of all but one participant being alumni. — Thomas H

Andrew Skurka Adventures are my go to source for world class backpacking trips. In my book, there’s no other guide with the knowledge, field experience, and teaching skills. These trips are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If you want to have an unforgettable learning experience which will take your backpacking game to exponential levels, take an Andrew Skurka trip! — Vadim F

I have now completed four unique and memorable trips with Andrew. Over those four trips I have got to travel in some of the most beautiful and remote areas of North America, meet dozens of great people and most importantly take my knowledge and backcountry skills from a point where I felt intimidated spending time in the backcountry to now planning and successfully undertaking week long off trail trips. Andrew’s planning and field curriculum have been the single biggest factor in this transformation and I’m truly grateful to Andrew and all of the assistant guides I’ve been fortunate enough to have hiked with. — Bryan M

I keep coming back to Andrew’s trips because he organizes outstanding experiences and attracts outstanding individuals. He calls himself a “guide” but he is also an educator and coach, he is at the center of a great group of recidivist clients, and he deeply cares, at a personal level, before and during trips, doing everything that can be humanly done to meet all the clients’ goals. — Jorge L

Before discovering Andrew and his guide service I had never even considered going on a guided backpacking trip. Now after 4 trips with him, I wouldn’t consider going with anyone else! Even if you are a very experienced backpacker don’t dismiss the idea of going on a trip with Andrew. From start to finish, the execution of his trips is flawless. — Chip W

The highest quality outdoor experience – Period. A combination of superior instruction, awe inspiring locations, and great camaraderie. You finish feeling like you have accomplished something remarkable. — Landon S

Lunchtime in Arrigetch Creek
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