Overview Map

The Pfiffner Traverse is bookended in the south by Berthoud Pass (US-40) and in the north by Milner Pass (US-34/Trail Ridge Road).

The lands in between are managed by Rocky Mountain National Park and Arapaho National Forest, which encompasses the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area and James Peak Wilderness Area.

The route can be accessed directly at its termini and once mid-route, at Rollins Pass (high-clearance vehicle advised). Otherwise, it must be reached from nearby trailheads on its east and west sides, normally only by foot.

The termini and trailheads are within a 2-hour drive of Colorado’s metropolitan Front Range, many mountain towns, and Denver International Airport (DEN).

The map below is intended for general orientation and logistical planning.

  • For detailed topographic maps of the route, purchase the Pfiffner Traverse Guide.
  • For overview topographic maps of the area, purchase: #200 Rocky Mountain National Park, #102 Indian Peaks Gold Hill, and #103 Winter Park/Central City and Rollins Pass.


  1. El Mateo on November 25, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    Ahoy. Any prediction on when the 1st edition will be available?

    • Andrew Skurka on November 27, 2017 at 3:05 pm

      Thanks for the nudge. I just updated the product page with its current status. I worked on the Guide this summer after my thru-hike, and picked it up again recently, so the product description was outdated. Also, I could have updated the downloadable file, rather than follow-up with customers with some add-ons.

      A new Pre-Edition v3 is available for download now. If you’re planning to thru-hike the Primary Route, the biggest missing piece is the product description for the southernmost one-third of the route, from Arapaho Pass to Berthoud Pass. Thankfully, this is the easiest section (just follow the Divide) and a competent navigator could easily rely on just the annotations on the topo maps (which are complete for the entire route).

      Information for the section-hikes is thinner. But maps and a route description for the crux of each loop, the Primary Route, is available; and I have published a datasheet for each loop.

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