Trip, race & hunt reports


Boulder, CO

By Andrew Skurka / March 30, 2004 /

March 30 — Boulder, CO One month later it is very clear that coming out to Boulder, CO, was the right decision. Just within the last week have I begun to feel confident about putting strain on my hip flexor. In fact, it is still bothering me a bit right now but I think it…

Seekonk, MA

By Andrew Skurka / February 27, 2004 /

February 27, 2004 When my hip flexor first started to bother me on Day 2 of my first attempt, I never thought it would lead to this. Three weeks after stopping my hike, and still not fully recovered, I have decided to delay my re-start until mid-May or early-June, when I will start from the…

Seekonk, MA

By Andrew Skurka / February 24, 2004 /

Feb 24, 2004 – Seekonk, MA Today I had the opportunity to speak with about 75 students from Seekonk High School. My presentation was sub-titled “Five ways to achieve success and happiness that you will not hear from your parents or your guidance counselor.” This advice is based on my experiences over the last few…

Seekonk, MA

By Andrew Skurka / February 21, 2004 /

Feb 21, 2004 – Seekonk MA It has been two weeks since I stopped hiking, and I am probably looking at one more week until I can return to the trail. A doctor diagnosed my injury yesterday as a muscular strain – she said there is no chance of a hernia (a concern because of…

Atwood Lake, OH

By karenskurka / February 8, 2004 /

Feb 8-12 – Atwood Lake, OH This has been a very difficult 6 days for Andrew. He spent the past 5 days trying to recover from his hip injury. Andrew’s good friends have been wonderful, providing him with the use of phones, a place to stay and a truck to get groceries. After not hiking…

Atwood Lake, OH

By karenskurka / February 5, 2004 /

Feb 5-7 – Atwood Lake, OH Andrew has been making steady progress through Ohio. The highlight of every day has been the people he has met. In Waynesburg, Andrew met a group at a church guild meeting. They provided him with some companionship at the end of the day and a warm place for the…

Hanoverton, OH

By karenskurka / February 4, 2004 /

Feb 4 – Hanoverton, OH Andrew called tonight from the Spread Eagle Tavern. He is looking forward to sleeping in a warm bed, inside. This was another good day. The sunset was outstanding and a huge owl flew right in front of him. Unfortunately, he was not able to get a picture. Andrew is finding…

East Liverpool, OH

By karenskurka / February 3, 2004 /

Feb 3, 2004 – East Liverpool, OH Andrew crossed the first state border (PA to OH) today. Andrew reports that the weather is 34 degrees and rainy. Lovely. An opportunity to try out the converted poncho we created. He traveled through Darlington and Negley, PA. He was calling from East Liverpool and is hoping to…

Moraine State Park, PA

By karenskurka / February 2, 2004 /

Feb 2, 2004 – Moraine State Park, PA THE JOURNEY HAS BEGUN. Andrew left home in MA today. He flew into Pittsburgh, PA. Thank you Ron Rice, president of the local trail association, for the ride from the airport to Moraine State Park. Andrew hiked to McConnell’s Mill and spoke of the beautiful gorge, and…

Seekonk, MA

By karenskurka / February 1, 2004 /

Feb 1, 2004 – Seekonk, MA Last day home for Andrew. Spending the day packing and getting the first couple of mail drop boxes ready. Andrew will enjoy his bed tonight.