Atwood Lake, OH

Feb 8-12 – Atwood Lake, OH

This has been a very difficult 6 days for Andrew. He spent the past 5 days trying to recover from his hip injury. Andrew’s good friends have been wonderful, providing him with the use of phones, a place to stay and a truck to get groceries. After not hiking since Sat. Feb. 7th, Andrew set out on Thursday Feb 12th in the morning. He covered only 4 miles when his hip was again causing pain. Andrew has had enough injuries over the course of his XC and track career to know that injuries heal best with rest – and there is no sense in him resting at the lake house when he can return to the comforts of home and see a doctor if necessary. So, with a heavy heart, he is returning to Seekonk on Fri. Feb 12th. He will spend time recovering from this injury and redesigning his strategy, because his original plan will be derailed by this 4-week setback. We expect Andrew will begin again soon after he is recovered, which he expects will be in 2-3 weeks.

Dreams are often difficult to accomplish, but Andrew is a very determined young man. He will recover from this hip injury and begin hiking the C2C trail again as soon as he is healed.

Posted in on February 8, 2004

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