Atwood Lake, OH

Feb 5-7 – Atwood Lake, OH

Andrew has been making steady progress through Ohio. The highlight of every day has been the people he has met. In Waynesburg, Andrew met a group at a church guild meeting. They provided him with some companionship at the end of the day and a warm place for the night. He made it to Zoar, Ohio on Friday, and caught the Buck Eye Trail, which he will now follow until he reaches Michigan. Until this point, the trail has been mostly country roads. While this does not sound scenic, it actually is. The trail passes through many small towns and provides easier hiking than the woods do at this time of the year. It has also provided the opportunity to interact with so many nice people.

Andrew does have a pulled hip flexor muscle. This occurred while snowshoeing through 6-inches of heavy slushy snow – he just tweaked it. An injury like this, while not devastating, has to heal for this trip to be a reality. Andrew is spending the weekend at Lake Atwood, thanks to the Warner family, to give his hip time to recover.

Some incoming emails asked questions about the gear Andrew is carrying. I suggest that people check the “gear list” on Andrew’s Website or for more details, contact Coral, at The people at GoLite are wonderful and have been good friends to Andrew. One big decision Andrew will need to make is whether to carry his cell phone. He left on this trip with the phone but not the charger. The phone is now dead and the charger will arrive at the first mail drop. There is always the question of what is essential because each small piece of equipment adds weight to the pack.

The comments we have received from people visiting the web site have been very positive. We pass them along to Andrew each time he calls. These have really made his day. Andrew is really a “people person”, which is strange considering how much time he plans to spend alone. Your comments and good wishes have given him a needed lift at the end of the day.

Karen Skurka

Posted in on February 5, 2004

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