Matapedia, Quebec


Andrew has left the Province of Quebec and has entered the Province of New Brunswick. It has been a challenging week. Andrew found himself physically worn out after hiking through the Chic-Choc Mountains. He caught a stomach virus and was having difficulty eating for the next few days. This created a “mental valley” and Andrew had to get through it and realize that some days are good and some are not.

The terrain got easier as he left the mountains, and he found himself hiking along railroad beds, hayfields and logging roads. On Saturday, Andrew made it to Matapedia, which is the border town between Quebec and New Brunswick. This town is noted for its salmon and black bears. Unfortunately, it is not salmon run season but he did see a black bear. Today he called from Kedgwick, where he picked up his mail drop. In addition, he had a new pair of Montrails and two white chocolate bars waiting for him. It made his day. He will now enter the Mount Carleton Provincial Park. Andrew’s spirits are good again. His feet are better, the weather has improved and he knows that he is making progress. Total miles walked to date: 442 miles

Posted in on August 23, 2004

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