Adirondacks, NY


During past two weeks, Andrew has left the White Mountains, hiked some of the Long Trail in Vermont and into the Adirondacks in New York. On Sunday the 25th of September, he met up with Brian, a salesman for GoLite and his dog, Monte. The three of them hiked together for the day. It was great company, (Brian and Monte). They met up with Flyin’ Brian and Sophia at some point on the trail. Brian and Sophia were the last northbound hikers that Andrew has passed.

The stretch on the Long Trail was short (30 miles). Saturday evening found Andrew in Ripton, VT, which was having their monthly “coffee house” event. He said that “Made in Vermont” a 17 female vocal group brought the house down. A very nice Ripton resident allowed Andrew to sleep in the 4-person tent in his backyard, which hosts a 6″-thick futon. Andrew slept so well that he woke up 90-minutes late.

It was then on to New York and the Adirondacks. The weather is changing and Andrew ran into his first snow on Mt. Marcy. The springs were frozen and there was icy rind on the mountaintop. That was coupled with a very stiff wind. Andrew raced up and got to the other side. No pictures from that top. His hands were freezing. Now he is on the Northville-Lake Placid Trail, which is a valley trail and generally absent of large elevation changes. It is now a nice walk through the forest. This is giving Andrew the time he needs to adjust to the colder weather without the added stress of difficult terrain. Andrew’s trek has again become a solo one. Andrew reports that he sees very few fellow hikers and is spending the nights alone in the shelters. All of these are new adjustments for Andrew as he continues his 6700 mile hike.

Total miles hiked thus far: 1,336

Posted in on October 6, 2004

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