Feb 24, 2004 – Seekonk, MA

Today I had the opportunity to speak with about 75 students from Seekonk High School. My presentation was sub-titled “Five ways to achieve success and happiness that you will not hear from your parents or your guidance counselor.” This advice is based on my experiences over the last few years, and the lessons I have drawn from them.

In addition to giving this advice on life, I also showed the students about 60 pictures taken from my various outdoor experiences. Most of the students have never been out West, or even to New Hampshire, so the slideshow captivated their attention. It also helped that I had a box of Balance Bars, which were awarded to students who correctly identified El Cap or Mt. Washington, or who could tell me where the Appalachian Trail goes.

In all I had a great time with the kids – I would definitely like to make more presentations in the future like this one.

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