Andrew called from Monson, ME yesterday. He had hiked 145 miles since Friday the 10th of September. He had climbed Katahdin and made it through the one-hundred mile wilderness. The weather has been perfect for hiking. Cool days and very cools nights. One night dropped into the 30’s, which was a bit to cool. Cool temperatures are good for decreasing the bugs.

Andrew has been enjoying his encounters with the north bound AT hikers. There were more than ten AT thru hikers finishing at Katahdin the day he climbed the mountain. Andrew remembered his own thrill at finishing the AT and could celebrate with them. At the same time, he was thinking of his own finish in Washington State in 2005 and wondering what it would be like. He has been hiking his AT route in reverse. This has been pleasantly nostalgic. He is looking forward to the peaks in the Washington Valley and the turning foliage. His spirits and his health are good.

Total miles hiked so far: 839 miles

Posted in on September 17, 2004

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