Today’s deadline: End of open application

If you’d like to join us on a trip in 2023 but have been procrastinating on the application, today is your last best opportunity for many trips.

During the open application period, which ends today for the second half of our schedule — California, Washington, and West Virginia — all applications received are considered equally. Starting tomorrow, it’s first-come first-served for remaining spots.

The deadline for the first half of the schedule — Utah, Colorado, and Alaska — was last Tuesday. Spots on those trips will be offered starting later this week.


My best recommendation to all prospective applicants is to apply for the trip(s) that interest you most. We try to find spots for everyone, and we’ve developed a good process to accomplish this.

But to set your expectations, below I’ve stated explained where the numbers currently stand. Usually on last day of open application, I see a flood of submissions, so it could end up tighter than expected.

In California:

  • Fundamentals: ample space
  • Adventure 5-day and 7-day, and Expedition 11-day: These trips will be nearly full or full.


  • All trips are approaching capacity, and will probably be full or nearly full after we transfer some applicants from over-subscribed locations like Utah.

West Virginia

  • Ample space on the 3-day and 5-day trip
Posted in on January 3, 2023

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