Open Application closes Sunday January 12, and it’s kind of your last chance

Open Application for 2020 guided trips started on December 15. It closed December 30 for the West Virginia and Utah locations, and it will be losing this Sunday, January 12, for Alaska, California, and the Rocky Mountains.

If you’re interested in a 2020 trip, apply now for your best chance to get on your First Choice outing.

During Open Application, I consider all applications mostly equally. I give some priority to alumni and previously waitlisted applicants, but I don’t process applications in the order that they arrive. This removes the pressure of time and the element of luck, and it results in more like-abled and like-minded groups.

Once Open Application is closed, it’s first-come-first-served for remaining spots.

I’ve already finished processing applications for Utah and West Virginia. Of those 76 combined spots, I currently have six openings still. For the most current number, view the schedule.

Based on the number of applications received so far for the other locations, I expect most sessions to be completely or mostly full, specifically:

  • Alaska Expedition: Mostly or completely full;
  • California Fundamentals: Mostly full;
  • California Adventure 5-day: Completely full;
  • California: Adventure 7-day: Completely or mostly full;
  • Rockies Adventure 5- and 7-day: Mostly full.

If you’re unable to commit now, check back with us later in the season, since spots occasionally open up due to cancellations.

Posted in on January 10, 2020

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