Schedule & Trip Availability

To apply for a trip, submit an application. For costs, refer to 2020 trip pricing.

If you are struggling to see the calendar in its entirety, open it in a new window.

This spreadsheet is updated almost in real-time, and trip availability should be current. If your First Choice trip is full, I’d encourage you to still apply because spots frequently open up due to cancellations.

In February and early-March, almost every trip was completely sold out. At one point, I think there were just two spots available (out of 244). Covid-19 completely changed the outlook, but we’re doing our best to work with what we have.

Draft 2021 Schedule

Currently I’m focused on the 2020 season, but I will provide some guidance for 2021.

  • Early-November 2020: I will release a preliminary 2021 trip schedule that includes likely dates, locations, and guides.
  • Mid-December: Registration will open for trips scheduled April through June.
  • Early-January: Registration will open for all other trips.

The 2020 schedule was partially reshuffled due to COVID risks. The 2021 schedule will probably look similar to the original 2020 schedule:

  • Southern Utah: 5- and maybe 7-day trips in the second half of April;
  • West Virginia: 3- and maybe 5-day trips in mid- or late-May;
  • Alaska: 7- and possibly 10-day trips in June; and,
  • Mountain West (High Sierra, Rockies, maybe the Pacific Northwest) from mid-July through late-September.

Some locations will remain the same, while I may look at moving others:

  • Southern Utah: Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument;
  • West Virginia: Monongahela National Forest;
  • Alaska: Brooks Range, for sure;
  • High Sierra: Yosemite National Park;
  • Rockies: We’re trying a new location for 2020, the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado, and we hope it will become a new home for us;
  • Northwest: If demand warrants it, we would love to open a new location in the Cascades or Olympics.

When we were forced to cancel the Alaska 2020 trips, most of the clients opted to postpone to 2021. Here’s where those groups stand now: