The view north from Tablelands. The  South Fork of the Kings River runs right to left through the center of the photo, out of view deep in a canyon. On the skyline can be seen the Palisades (right side) and Black Divide (left side).

Kings Canyon High Basin Route

Summers 2013, 2014, and 2015 || Short is the new long! 124 miles around the upper watershed of the Kings River in California’s High Sierra. 84 miles off off-trail travel, a high point of 12,434 feet, and no road crossings.

Walking north atop the Continental Divide north of Europe Peak

Wind River High Route

Summers 2009, 2011, 2014, and 2015 || A 95-mile world-class backpacking with 65 miles of off-trail travel, two 13,000-foot summits, nine alpine passes, and no road crossings.


Alaska-Yukon Expedition

March-September 2010 A 4,700-mile 6-month journey by foot, skis and packraft through Big Wilderness. As seen in the March 2011 issue of National Geographic.


Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic

July 2009 The original adventure race. 180 miles in 3 days 17 hours across the Hayes Range by foot and packraft, on just 2 hours of sleep. First place.


Alaska Four-Range

June-July 2009 My first trip to Alaska. 800 miles through the Kenai Mountains, Kenai Fjords, Chugach Range, and Talkeetna Mountains.


Zion National Park Traverse

May 2009 A classic ultrarun: 48 spectacular miles across the Park from the East Rim Trailhead to Lee Pass. 9 hours, 27 minutes.


Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim

March 2009 Run through 1.6 billion years of geological history (twice) during this 42-mile out-and-back across the Big Ditch. 8 hours 2 minutes.


Hayduke Trail & Grand Canyon Traverse

February and March, 2009 An 800-mile trek across the Colorado Plateau from Arches to Grand Canyon National Parks, firmly out-of-season.


Leadville Trail 100

August 2008 Starts and ends in America’s highest incorporated town, Leadville, at 10,200 ft. 2nd overall; 18 hrs 17 min. Not bad for first 100 miler.


Iceland Traverse & Laugavegur

July & August 2008 A 550-mile east-to-west traverse across the entire island, plus 3 laps on the 46-mile Laugarvegurinn, Iceland’s most famous hiking trail.


Sierra High Route

July 2008 A rugged 195-mile hike with over 100 miles of off-trail travel, through both idyllic sub-alpine forest and tedious talus fields.


South Africa

May 2008 A 3-week tour of South Africa’s best cities and natural areas, including the Drakensberg Mountains and Kruger National Park.


Great Western Loop

April to November 2007 I take the further-faster-lighter mantra to its extreme: 6,875 miles, 33 miles per day for 208 days, and an average base weight of about 6 pounds.


Ultralight in the Nation’s Icebox

January 2007 Is it possible to travel light-and-fast in the winter too? If so, how? The test: 385 miles in 16 days from Duluth to Ely in the teeth of winter.


Yellowstone National Park Circumnavigation

September 2006 Kevin and I were not interested in setting records or hiking 18 hours a day. Our goal was simply to experience Yellowstone.


Colorado Trail 2006

July & August 2006 Longest non-solo trip to date: the entire Colorado Trail in 15 days (31 MPD average) with stud ultrarunner Krissy Moehl.

How Far? How Fast? Challenge

Fall 2006 Attempt to hike about 800 miles unsupported.


Pacific Crest Trail – California

June & July 2006 Testing the limits: How far? How fast? How light? Averaged 38 miles per day for 45 days, and 43 miles per day for the last 700.

Long Trail Yo-Yo Unsupported Attempt

September 2006 Attempt to yo-yo the 270-mile Long Trail unsupported.


Sea-to-Sea Route

August 2004 to July 2005 My coming-of-age hike. Across North America from Quebec to Washington—7,775 miles in 11 months, straight through the winter.

Colorado Trail – Unsupported Attempt

August 2006 Attempt to hike the entire 480-mile Colorado Trail unsupported in 11 days or less.


Colorado Trail 2004

June 2004 A 462-mile 16-day warm-up for the Sea-to-Sea Route, and a chance to see parts of Colorado that I had not yet explored.


Appalachian Trail

Summer 2002 First long-distance backpacking trip. Actually, my first backpacking trip. The learning curve was steep. 2,168 miles in 95 days.