Severe maceration after the 2009 Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic, in which we raced 180 miles across the Eastern Alaska Range in 4 days

Would you suck on these toes? | Next SD LIVE, July 22

During the next SD LIVE event, I will discuss Footwear and Footcare. Tune in tomorrow: Wednesday, July 22, 11:30am PDT. The program will run 30-45 minutes. Topics will include but are not limited to: Shoes Socks Gaiters Maceration Blisters Calluses This is intentionally a live event,  as we want and encourage audience participation. If there’s a question […]

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Topographic maps, guidebook, and databook, plus my navigation tools: magnetic compass, altimeter/barometer watch, smartphone with GPS app, 2-way satellite messenger, and backup battery charger plus necessary cords.

Backpacking Trip Planning Checklist: To do before you go

I have planned hundreds of backpacking trips. Many have been personal outings, ranging from long weekends in nearby destinations to multi-month thru-hikes in faraway places. The rest have been guided, when I’ve been accountable to paying clients. To maximize my working efficiency and to prevent oversights when getting backpacking trips out the door, I use a trip planning checklist — a spreadsheet, […]

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Job Posting: “Mad scientist” with Exxel Outdoor’s Advanced Development Center

Exxel Outdoors — formerly American Rec, and the parent company of Sierra Designs, Ultimate Direction, Kelty, among other brands — has a job opening in its Advanced Development Center. The ADC is tasked with developing many of the “mad scientist” projects that eventually trickle down into tangible products. As one example, the ADC did the earliest prototyping for […]

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