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It’s unlikely that I will guide trips in 2016. I’ll make a final decision in or by May. I would offer a mix of 3- and 5-day trips in Colorado in late-summer.

If you would like a full explanation of my decision, read it here. Essentially, in 2016 I want to spend more time with my wife, go on more personal trips, and focus more attention on a number of writing projects.

My 2017 plans depend on the success or failure of 2016

I can offer five types of backpacking trips and courses. These are learning-intensive experiences during which you will learn to backpack and/or dramatically improve your backpacking know-how. I am the lead guide on all of the trips, and I am assisted by another world-class instructor like Flyin’ Brian Robinson or Mike Clelland.

Backpacking Fundamentals

Level 1 | Intensity: Low
Invest in your backpacking future by avoiding years of “learning the hard way.” Learn about and apply the gear, supplies and skills that make hiking fun, not work.

Southwest Adventure

Level 2 | Intensity: Moderate or High
Master basic, intermediate, and/or advanced skills while exploring majestic canyons and enchanted mesas with a personable and well balanced group.

Rocky Mtn Adventure

Level 3 | Intensity: High
Join a strong and veteran group on an ambitious route with extensive off-trail travel, challenging early-season snow conditions, and high run-off.

Winter Backpacking

Level 3 | Intensity: High
Extend your backpacking know-how beyond 3-seasons by learning about and applying the unique gear, supplies, and skills required by winter conditions.

Alaska Adventure

Level 4 | Intensity: High-Very High
The trip of a lifetime. Explore North American’s greatest wilderness with a hand-picked group of experienced and personable alumni.


“Both trips I’ve done with Andrew have been great learning experiences, a big jump forward from the trial-and-error method of learning from my own mistakes. I’m sure I’ll be back for another.”
— Justin LaFrance, Calgary, AB

“It was a learning experience from the time I registered to when I got back in my car at the trailhead.”
— Jeff Howell, St. Louis, MO

“It’s like learning from the Yoda of backpacking.”
— Alan York, Winston-Salem, NC

“Andrew is meticulous with his planning and coaching, and it begins months before the trip.  He genuinely wants his students to learn the skills and teaches with passion and sincerity.
— Wendy Tseng, Minneapolis, MN”

“Andrew Skurka is the quintessential 21st century outdoorsman, with outdoor skills and athleticism honed to a fine art.”
— Patrick Starich, Calgary, Alberta

“My hike with Andrew and the group was an incredibly rewarding, once in a lifetime opportunity. I would highly recommend one of his guided trips.”
— Drew Anthony, Starksville, MS

“Do not hesitate. Andrew’s Fundamentals Course is more than a great investment; it’s a great experience!”
— Aubrey Bogard, Fort Worth, TX

“The positives for me were 5 star course content, backpacking confidence building, EXTREMELY well planned, great food, and an awesome adventure. There were no negatives. You do a wonderful job of sharing your love and knowledge of this.”
— Lori Alexander, Rockland, ME

“Andrew is an excellent teacher, patient, yet expects his students to take it seriously as well. I enjoyed the fact that he didn’t treat the women in the group any differently.”
— Jane Burns, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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