What are past hosts saying about my presentations?

Andrew de los Reyes, Google

Google was very lucky to have Andrew visit our campus and give his hiking clinic as part of our [email protected] program. The crowd was very excited and Andrew gave a thorough, entertaining, and interactive talk. He helped lead the audience through planning for a sample trip, showed a lot of photos, and demonstrated a lot of gear. Employees loved being able to check out the demo items he brought and to speak with him afterwards. Since the talk, I’ve received a number of thanks emails for helping bring Andrew here. We are looking forward to Andrew’s next visit to the Bay Area, hoping we can get him back in for another talk!

Bill O’Brien, program coordinator for the 30th Annual Gathering of the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association (ALDHA)

We were lucky to have a gorgeous venue at Williams College for Andrew’s Saturday night feature presentation at our weekend-long conference, probably the nicest theater our group has ever had the privilege to use. And I can’t think of a better program to have filled that space than the one Andrew gave for us that night. One of our members came up to me afterward to say that Andrew’s talk helped reaffirm for him the choice he’s made to keep the outdoors a major part of his life. And he was not alone in feeling that way. We were all inspired by Andrew’s stories of wilderness adventure.

Phillip Black, Committee Member – Troop 77 – Chelmsford, MA

Our troop has hosted Andrew five times, including twice as fundraisers that raised hundreds of dollars for our troop. Andrew is very personable and approachable, and is an engaging speaker. His presentations are both educational and entertaining; most recently, the Scouts picked up many pointers from his clinic on gear and skills. We look forward to hosting him again.

Jon Mobeck, The Murie Center, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Andrew Skurka’s presentation is captivating — it’s as thoughtfully and meticulously crafted as was the adventure itself. His 4,700 mile journey through Alaska and Yukon provides a unique backdrop for a genuine tale of exploration and personal discovery. Propelled by a boundless sense of curiosity, Andrew shares what he has seen, felt and thought while traveling through one of the planet’s wildest places, on his own. I left the presentation with a reminder of how critical it is to protect wilderness and the varied experiences found within, as well as with a burning desire to hit the trail and immerse my soul in the immensity of nature.

Matthew Davis, North Country Trail Association

Andrew left everyone inspired and wanting to leave town to tackle an adventure of their own. He’s such a captivating and thought-provoking speaker; his photos capture the beauty of the places he visits; and his video clips capture the emotional aspects of his journeys. I cannot wait to follow his next adventure online and then to hear him tell it’s story.

Todd Hunt, La Jolla YMCA

Our very diverse audience, ranging from parents and kids, to accomplished and aspiring thru-hikers, were all very pleased with your presentations. I must really commend you on the ability to present and educate in such a professional manner. One novice couple told me afterwards that although they were a bit intimidated at first, you really put them at ease during the question and answer portion by welcoming their questions and answering in detail. I also really appreciated how you let us in to your personal life on the trail and showed videos and photos that gave us some insight to the reality of just how intense, emotional and challenging your adventures can be. Some things you just have to witness and are tough to fully grasp in an article.

Ellen McKay, The Banff Centre, Program Manager for Mountain Culture and Environment

It was a great pleasure to host Andrew Skurka as part of our Mountain Culture and Environment Speakers’ Series. Andrew delivered an excellent presentation; very personable, professional, funny and inspiring. We look forward to having Andrew back to wow us with his next adventure!

Lauren Strohmeyer, Trailfitters, Duluth, MN

Andrew’s presentation on Lightweight Backpacking definitely got our customer thinking about trips to take! The next day we had some customers come in, utilizing the the information he shared! His presentation was personal and very informative. He was a pleasure to work with!

Amy Anslinger, Wright State University, Assistant Director of Outdoor Recreation

Andrew Skurka’s personable, articulate style clearly took the audience on a fascinating journey. Not only did the audience enjoy the stories behind the places Andrew had been, and incredible photography, but it was intriguing to understand the evolution of how he came to choose the trips he has done with insight into trip planning and mental toughness that ultimately allowed him to be successful. This program was spot-on for people seeking inspiration but also for people intrigued by the how’s and why’s of Skurka’s epic adventures. Everyone left ready to get on the trail and find their own adventure.

Dana Smith, Cleveland Metroparks Institute of the Great Outdoors, Manager

Andrew has a very relaxed presentation style and makes everyone want to get out and hike. We had people of various ages and backgrounds at his presentation and everyone took away a little something from the presentation. I have had the pleasure of seeing his presentation twice and both times came away wanting to go with him on the next trip.

Lorana Jinkerson, Northern Michigan University, Professor Emeritus

“WOW!” was my first reaction to both of Andrew’s presentations, “Lightweight Backpacking & Skills Clinic” and “Far, Fast, and Light.” Presenting before groups of about 150 and 300, respectively, to Northern Michigan University students, North Country Trail Hikers members and Marquette area community members, Andrew kept them spell-bound as he shared his experiences and philosophy of life, all while displaying some incredible sights on the screen behind him. His enthusiasm and genuine love for adventure came through as an inspiration to the audience.

Tim Barnes, The Trail Store, Louisville, KY

“Far, Fast, and Light” is all about backpacking and trekking, yet it is about none of these things. Andrew Skurka’s presence and delivery lit up our shop. Customers laughed, smiled, and let their jaws drop to a presentation that would equally resonate with the indoorsy and outdoorsy. I could not think of better inspiration to kick off our spring/summer season at The Trail Store.

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