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My most popular & favorite posts of 2015

To close out 2015, I’d like to share my most popular posts. My method in creating the list was only partially scientific — I started with total page views for 2015 in Google Analytics, and then I loosely accounted for publishing dates, since posts released earlier in the year have had more time to be viewed than those released […]

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Backpacking food: amounts, types, nutrition & storage || SD LIVE (June 10, 2015)

Live recording SD Live: Eating Right in the Backcountry from Sierra Designs on Vimeo. Table of contents Disclosure Not a dietitian Recommendations based on what has worked for me and what I see with and hear from clients Food is really personal. Hopefully you learn a few things, but you’re encouraged to experiment. Challenges No […]

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Curry couscous with vegetables, raisins, and olive oil

Dinner Recipe: Curry Couscous

Like Pesto Noodles, this Curry Couscous recipe is a solid second-string backpacking dinner behind my All-Stars. Normally I make it with dried vegetables and raisins, but freeze-dried chicken and/or cashews work well, too. Meal stats Recommended meal weight: 5.7 oz Total calories: 703 Caloric density: 123 calories/ounce Ingredients 2.50 oz || Couscous 0.75 oz || Olive oil […]

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Pesto Noodles, another inexpensive and simple, yet hearty, backpacking meal idea. Add extra water for a tasty broth.

Dinner Recipe: Pesto Noodles

Pesto Noodles is not normally competitive with Beans & Rice or Thai Peanut Noodles for a group’s favorite dinner recipe, but it is a reliable third or fourth option in my backpacking cook book. And it’s certainly not to be overlooked: I’ve probably eaten more Pesto Noodles this summer than any other meal, because it’s still that good. Meal stats Recommended meal weight: […]

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Food for 10+ days. When I calculated the cost/benefit of a mid-trip resupply, I determined that it was more efficient to carry all of my food from start to finish. This had the added advantage of increased flexibility: for 10 days I could go where ever I wanted, when I wanted.

Notes for next time: Gear, supplies, food & logistics

An assortment of takeaways from my Kings Canyon High Basin Route thru-hike earlier this month. They are mostly a reminder for me, but maybe they’ll have some value for you, too. If any prompt a question, leave a comment. Gear Pack weight. Take a handheld digital scale to the trailhead for a final weigh-in of all gear, supplies, and food. This […]

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A slightly soupy version of Thai Peanut Noodles, a reliable favorite.

Dinner Recipe: Peanut Sauce & Noodles

This Thai Peanut Noodle recipe competes with my Beans & Rice for the crowd favorite. It goes on nearly every single guided trip, and on most personal trips, especially if I have a prepared batch of sauce already in the fridge. The sauce is worthy of at-home use. Amanda and I have a container of it in the […]

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Rolled oats with craisins, coconut flakes, turbinado sugar, and butter

Breakfast Recipe: Oatmeal with Fixings

There are many breakfast recipes involving oatmeal. This is just another one — it’s not fancy, but it is received well, even by those like myself who are not “sweet” breakfast types. Also, the ingredients are inexpensive and easy to source. Meal stats Recommended meal weight: 4.50 oz Total calories: 560 Caloric density: 125 cal/oz […]

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Polenta with air-dried peppers, parmesan, olive oil, and tomato powder

Dinner Recipe: Polenta + Peppers

Inspired by the finest restaurants in Tuscany…no, not really. But this is a tasty backpacking dinner recipe — filling, flavorful, unique, and packed with calories. Meal stats Recommended serving weight: 5.6 oz Total calories: 700 Caloric density: 125 cal/oz Like instant potatoes, polenta absorbs a significant amount of water, at a 4:1 volume ratio. So this meal cooks […]

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