Recommended listening: Roman Dial and The Backpacking Podcast

Two podcasts from the past week that may be worth your time:

Buzz Burrell interviews Roman Dial

For this week’s installment of the FKT Podcast, Buzz interviewed Roman, which makes for a lot of legend in one episode.

Roman is probably the best storyteller that I know, due to both storytelling skills and Alaska-themed content. Personally, I don’t listen to many podcasts, but this is one that I’ll sit down for.

Listen to it here.

The Backpacking Podcast

If YouTube is a regular source of backpacking information and entertainment, you probably know Jeremiah Stringer and John Kelly, two entertaining and down-to-earth hikers out of the southeast.

I was on their livestream two weeks ago, available here. It was a really fun conversation, and I look forward to being back on in the future.

Posted in on February 26, 2021

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