Deadlines: Open application period closing today + next Tuesday

If you’d like to join a 2023 guided trip and if you’ve not yet applied, for some trips this post is effectively a last call. The open application period ends:

  • Today (Tue, Dec 27, 2022) for our Utah, Alaska, and Colorado trips; and,
  • Next week (Tue, Jan 3, 2023) for California, Washington, and West Virginia.

All applications received by the deadlines will be considered equally.

All applications received after the deadlines will be eligible for remaining spots on a first-come first-served basis.

If you’re looking for a specific time for the deadline, you can use midnight at Mountain Time.


Based on applications received so far, here’s how things look:

In Utah we can run about as many trips as there is demand.

  • Applications for 5- and 7-day backpacking trips are strong, but I don’t expect that we will be over-capacity.
  • The 5- and 7-day backpacking+canyoneering trips will be full, or very close to it.
  • Interest in the 11-day trip is so-so. If there is critical mass I will run it.

The Fundamentals trips in Colorado still have ample space, which is normally the case at this time of year. We see demand for these beginner-level trips pick up as we start emerging from winter.

Applications for our Alaska trip are very strong. All sessions will be full.

The deadline for California, Washington, and West Virginia is still a week away, so I will withhold commentary. My best suggestion to prospective applicants is to apply for the trip(s) that interests you most, and see how it shakes out. We try hard to find spots for all applicants.

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