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Want to stand where he is? Learn about the backpacking gear, supplies, and skills you'll need by joining me on a trip in 2014.

Want to stand where he is? Learn about the backpacking gear, supplies, and skills you’ll need by joining me on a trip in 2014.

January 20 Update

Registrations have been coming through all weekend, and several trips actually already have more registrations than there are spots. Please proceed with registering for you first-choice trip, as all registrations received through the end of the day will be considered equally to those received earlier. (First-come, first-serve starts tomorrow.) However, if you plan to register for any of the trips listed below, I’d strongly encourage you to consider listing another course as a backup in the event that not all first-choice preferences can be accommodated.

  • Southwest Adventure A, B, and C
  • High Sierra Adventure A and B
  • Blue Ridge Mountains Fundamentals, May 16-18
  • Allegheny Mountains Fundamentals, May 26-28
  • High Sierra Fundamentals, Sept 21-23

Earlier today I opened registration for all 2014 guided trips. For trip information — including locations, dates, prices, and more — and to register, go to the Guided Trips section of my website.

Since I originally planned to open registration on Monday, not today, all registrations received through Monday will be considered equally. Starting Tuesday, registrations will be treated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I’ve included the trip schedule below, with availability as of this morning. The 3-day Backpacking Fundamentals courses, which are learning-intensive and held in six regional locations (TX, NC, WV, NH, CO, and CA), have ample spots. However, I expect that nearly every session — if not every session — will fill, so I’d encourage you to commit early and avoid disappointment later.

The more advanced 5-day Southwest Canyons Adventure and 7-day High Sierra Adventure trips are already mostly full, since interest was flatteringly strong among returning clients, for whom registration opened two weeks ago. If you hope to get one of the remaining spots, register immediately. I would also strongly encourage you to list a Fundamentals course as a backup — you’re much more likely to get a spot on one, and you’ll have greater registration priority next year. Given the demand for the Adventure trips, having taken a Fundamentals course is now essentially a de facto prerequisite.

If you have questions about the trips, please contact me or leave a comment.

Last updated: January 18, 11am MST

Last updated: January 18, 11am MST

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