Meet Katie Gerber, new Co-Director

I’m delighted to publicly announce that Katie Gerber has been hired as Co-Director and my first full-time employee. To start, she’ll be helping me run the guided trip program; as time and interest permits, I hope that her role will expand.

Katie has been involved in the program since 2020, as a guide and online instructor. She and I have guided multiple trips together and have also shared significant windshield time while driving the van to trip locations.

This job post solicited significant interest, with nearly 150 applications. I considered outside candidates, who I thought might bring fresh ideas and institutional expertise. But Katie was the most compelling candidate — in addition to her program familiarity and our personal rapport, she’s hard-working, entrepreneurial, communicative, level-headed, and attentive to details. Plus, she’s a really strong and knowledgeable backpacker.

It’d be more convenient if Katie were based on Boulder. But I understand why she selected Salida instead — it’s a favorite mountain town for my wife Amanda and me, and we considered moving there too.

Previously, Katie created Backpacker Academy, a series of online courses, and authored Adventure Ready: A Hiker’s Guide to Planning, Training, and Resiliency. She served as a holistic health coach, focusing mostly on nutrition. Her most notable trips have been:

  • End-to-end thru-hike of the Grand Canyon, mostly off-trail on the north side;
  • Pacific Crest, Continental Divide, Oregon Desert, and Colorado Trails;
  • All fifty-eight of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks;
  • Wind River High Route; and
  • A 900-mile route in the Great Basin.

Katie has been serving in the Co-Director capacity since last month. So far, so good, and I’m very optimistic about the contribution that she will make.

Posted in on February 27, 2023

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