North Conway, NH


Today we are in North Conway, NH, one of our family’s favorite summer vacation spots. It’s been a pretty lazy morning — Dad is reading Die Broke, a book he picked up at the library; I am updating the website and looking at pictures; and Mom is trying to get both of us to shave and take showers so that we can “go do something.”

Yesterday I hiked the entire Presidential Range, 21 miles between Osgood Tentsite and US-302 at Carter Notch. My morning began with a 3,500-foot ascent up Mt Madison; that was followed by Mt Adams, Mt Jefferson, Mt Washington, Mt Jackson, and Mt Webster — about 15 miles of above-treeline hiking in all. The weather was unusually warm (mid-70’s and no breeze) and there was talk about a possible record-high at the summit of Washington. Great views all day, particularly in the morning.

Tomorrow I will begin the climb up to Franconia Ridge around 10am. Around noon I expect to criss-cross Flyin’ Brian and Silver Girl (aka Brian Robinson and Sophia Lewis). In 2001 Brian became the first person to hike the Calendar-Year Triple Crown by doing the entire Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and Pacific Crest Trail. Brian’s hike was a big source of inspiration for my own.

Posted in on September 25, 2004

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