The past week has been one of varied topography and population. Andrew hiked from Marietta, northwest to Logan. He hiked through the “Old Man’s Cave” forest area. The rock formation in this forest has some massive over-hangs rising above a river with some mighty waterfalls. The story is reported that following the Civil War, a man returned to the area and made his home under the over-hang and the area became known as” Old Man’s Cave.” The Buck Eye Trail beyond Marietta, has been the best he has seen in awhile. The trail is scenic and well maintained. The gorge and rolling hills are pleasant to be hiking through.

After Logan, the Buck Eye Trail goes southwest to the town of Richmond Dale. Here Andrew met two “trail angels”, Connie and Mike Snyder. They picked up Andrew and took him home for Thanksgiving dinner, returned him to the trail the next day and again to their home the following night. Andrew was in the best spirits after two nights of home cooking. Andrew also got some good press in the local papers, thanks to Bob Pond and the Snyder’s. He has been enjoying people recognizing him and stopping to talk. Making people aware of the trails was one of Andrew’s motives for hiking C2C.

The weather in Ohio has been an indication that winter is coming soon. Andrew has hiked in cold rain and a bit of snow. The storms have been pretty constant during the week.

From Sinking Spring, Andrew will begin traveling north through the towns of Pebbles, West Union, Williamsburg and Milford. He will be just east of Cincinnati by December 3rd or 4th.

Total Miles hiked: 2686

Posted in on November 29, 2004

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