Kedgwick, New Brunswick


Andrew left Kedgwick after picking up his mail drop and began hiking to Mount Carlton Provincial Park. The park was very nice; easy trails to the top of the mountain and great views to reward the effort. Andrew slept in an abandoned fire tower at the summit of Mt. Carlton. The sunset was nothing much but the sunrise was spectacular. From here, Andrew was again road walking or running. His GoLite pack currently weighs 8 pounds, so running some of the miles was easy. He ended the day at Riley Brook and the Miller Canoe Co.

Bill Miller is a third generation canoe builder who offers friendship and hospitality to thru hikers. His canoes are built by hand using a fascinating process that begins with selecting the right trees for cutting. Everything is made by hand except for the nails. Andrew and Bill shared a great dinner at a local Outfitters run by Don. Don caught the trout for dinner earlier in the day. Andrew said the dinner of trout, veggies, bread, blueberry pie and ice cream was one of the best he has had. A couple from Holland added to the camaraderie of the evening. This was just the kind of night Andrew needed after spending so many days alone.

Andrew has found road walking to be a welcome change of pace, but the repetitive stepping motion is difficult on the legs. He is looking forward to the variety of terrain offered on the AT. Tonight he will put up in the Tobique Valley Tourist Park and tomorrow he should be in Perth Andover. Andrew is looking forward to crossing the US border on Saturday morning. His first stop will be for Ben and Jerry’s, which does not seem to be available in Canada.

Andrew will be coming home on September 1st for a family wedding. He will be with us for a week. During that time he will be answering his own email. I know he would enjoy hearing from people. By the way, your comments are shared either through phone calls or by printing them out and mailing them with supplies. I know Andrew plans to get some of his pictures onto the Web while he is home. Check his Web page after September 8th. Total miles hiked: 531 miles

Posted in on August 27, 2004

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