After leaving the Warner house, Andrew hiked among a series of man-made lakes in Eastern Ohio. The size of the RV camps and the marinas leads one to believe that the area has a large summer population, however, at this time of year, the area is deserted. That allowed Andrew his choice of picnic table shelter for camping, but it was also a bit eerie. Andrew has found the area to be very rural and pondered the economic status of the area because of the deserted farms. The area was full of corn, hay and beef.

The trail took Andrew through the Wayne National Forest. At this point he was hiking along the Muskingum River. Apparently, this area had terrible flooding after Hurricane Frances. Andrew passed a picnic table sitting 15 feet up in trees. He realized that the trail had been under 15 feet of water during the flood. This was a sight that Andrew had never seen before. Friday night, November 19th, Andrew arrived in Marietta, Ohio, and got a room at the Lafayette Grand Riverboat Era Hotel. This was his first night inside for the week. It was a welcome relief as he had been in rain for the past three to four days. The town was the first settlement in the Northwest Territory.

Total Miles to date: 2429

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