Help wanted: Prepping breakfast & dinner rations

To readers who live in or near Boulder, Colo:

I need help in preparing breakfasts and dinners for our upcoming guided trips. Would you be interested in making some extra cash?

For the 2023 season I’ll need several thousand meals. The work is easy but detail-oriented: you’ll need to proportionally mix the bulk ingredients, then bag them into 4.5- or 5.5-oz rations. I appreciate this work being done, and we’ll keep it fun and relaxed.

Help is needed over the next four weekends (March 18-19 through April 8-9), ideally just two. You need not make all weekends or both weekend days — I’ll take the hours you want to give me, so long as it can be managed efficiently. Once you’re trained on a particular meal, we can send you home with supplies to make more on your own time and in your own residence.

The prep will take place at my home in the Frasier Meadows neighborhood in south Boulder.

You will be paid $22.50 per hour, with a $50 bonus if you work 24+ hours. You will be paid with a check and be classified as an independent contractor. I am required to report compensation greater than $600.

If interested in helping, please complete this formI’ll follow up after assessing worker count and availability.

Thank you for your consideration.

Posted in on March 16, 2023

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