Hammondsport, NY


The last two weeks have seen Andrew crossing through New York on the Adirondack and the North Country Trails. There is a 60 mile road walk that connects the Adirondack Trail to the North Country Trail. While passing through towns offers the opportunity to interact with people, it also presents challenges for a thru hiker. Where to find a “safe” area to pitch a tent, and where to make a meal are difficult in suburban areas. Andrew was grateful for the kindness of some strangers, offering a meal or a backyard to pitch a tent along the way.

Once arriving at Rome and the real beginning of the North Country Trail, the scenery became more interesting. The trail follows the tow path along the Erie Canal. Andrew witnessed a boat passing through a lock along a still-used section of the canal. It is a unique experience to see a boat descending 26 feet to the lake.

Much great work has been done by the Finger Lakes Trail Association eliciting the cooperation of private landowners to allow the trail to pass through their land. The result has been a wonderful varied hiking trail, old growth forest opening to well tended pastures. When the trail passes through shale hallows and gorges, it is breathtaking. Andrew has enjoyed his time on the North Country trail.

One night Andrew caught up with Boy Scout Troop 55 Ithaca. They were on an overnight camping trip, doing trail maintenance. Andrew immensely enjoyed the companionship of the troop in the shelter as well as the entertaining troop skits.

An additional challenge Andrew has faced these two weeks has been the beginning of hunting season. He is wearing his orange vest whenever an area is not posted with “no hunting” signs. This is a new experience for him. Also, Andrew has not seen the sun for nine days and has been rained on every day. His feet are ok, but are looking like they have been constantly wet. He is hoping for some dryer weather in the coming week.

Andrew has eight more days in New York state as he approaches Pennsylvania.

Total miles hiked: 1,729

Posted in on October 20, 2004

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