I made a few gear changes en route, but I thought I did a fairly good job of equipping myself from the start for the conditions that I actually encountered. I lucked out and never found myself in a cold-and-wet rain/sleet/snow storm, but there were plenty of cold mornings (several in the mid- and high-10’s), scorching afternoons (low-80’s with a relentless sun), and average days too.

In the gear list below I have listed any item that I carried at some point during the trip. When I started in Arches I was prepared for seasonal cold-and-wet storms and snow. But it was a drier weather pattern than I expected it would be—on the Colorado Plateau, it can go either way—so from Escalante (at mile 325) I shipped back some of the equipment that would have helped me cope with snowy and/or cold-and-wet conditions, e.g. snowshoes, liner gloves, rain pants, etc. I shipped back a few smaller items too that I determined were not essential.

Download the gear list (right click and “Save As”)