Watch & listen: Five podcasts & interviews

Several podcasts and interviews have aired recently:

Out & Back with Gaia GPS

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My favorite interviews are those that dive deep on a specific subject matter, because I can share more information and experience than I reasonably could in a blog post. In this episode, we mostly focused on navigation skills and equipment, and it’d be a great supplement to my four-part series on the topic.

Colorado Mountain Club

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The CMC has been generating much more online content since it was forced to cancel all in-person classes and events this spring. In late-April over Zoom we hosted a 90-minute trip planning clinic, which was perfectly timed since I was launching my online course at around the same time so the content was fresh. Joe McConaughy (“Stringbean”) joined us to add additional perspective and to help field questions from the audience.

Seek Outside

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This Colorado-based company is best known for their premium Made-in-USA lightweight hunting backpacks and shelters, and it recently expanded into the three-season backpacking market with the Flight Series.

This interview included more biographical information than the others because few in the Seek Outside audience probably knew of me already. The most interesting topic in the discussion was “adult onset hunting.”

Broken Laces

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Riley Smith launched this hiker-oriented podcast series about a year ago, and has been doing interviews with long distance hikers, federal policy advocates, park rangers, authors, mountaineers, and weekend hikers across the country, highlighting important issues, fun day hikes, and breweries near the trailhead.

New Long Trail FKT

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Two days after Joe McConaughy (“Stringbean”) set a new unsupported FKT on Vermont’s Long Trail, I interviewed him over Zoom for an hour. Wife Katie and Hunter Hall were also on-hand to add color and field questions from the 300-person live audience.

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