Wanted: Permanent home for Esme, 7 year-old foster cat

Esmerelda (“Esme”), our 7-year-old foster cat, really likes it here, and we really like her, too. But it’s time to find her a more permanent home — we achieved our goal in getting her out of a high-stress setting with a toddler and dog, but we’re not ready yet for a “foster fail” after losing our 17-year-old feline fur baby Oden in early-March.

Esmerelda basics

  • “Es-may”
  • Currently homed in Boulder, Colo
  • 7 years-old
  • Female
  • Exclusively indoor
  • Strong and solid build, maybe about 15 pounds
  • Jet black fur and electric green eyes, a textbook “Halloween cat”
  • Healthy; comes with some vet records
  • Eats mostly hard food with some occasional canned food
  • Uses her litter box and her scratching post
  • Playful for her age
  • Highly vocal
  • Affectionate and loves laps, but always on her terms
  • In the right home, will probably become a very lovable and loyal companion

Ideal home

This is Esme’s fourth home, and she has done really well here. It’s low-stress and low-stimulus, with:

  • No dogs
  • No other cats
  • No young children, or loud older children

Esme is not a “starter cat,” and we would like to find someone who understands her background and will be patient with her as she adjusts to her forever space.

What we love about Esme

Esme has blossomed here, becoming more comfortable each week. Initially, she spent most days and nights in our basement; nowadays, she goes downstairs only use her litter box and to sleep at night, though recently she’s been spending a few hours in our bed.

In the morning and evening she is obsessed with watching the finches, chickadees, and nuthatches at our backyard feeder, plus the squirrels that come to the door expecting a hand-out from Amanda. This is hours of entertainment for her, and would be a winning feature at a prospective new home.

She is playful for her age and enjoys catnip.

During the day she takes a long siesta in our bed, typically about noon through dinnertime.

On her terms, Esme is an affectionate lap-cat, mostly when I’m working at my desk or when we’re watching TV. But it’s normally short-lived, as she seems more comfortable by herself nearby than cuddled up with one of us. We don’t try to pick her up and we don’t force her to spend time with us — when she wants to, she will and does.

This girl is vocal! She meows loudly when she wants something and when she’s excited. She purrs prolifically when she’s in an affectionate mood. And she makes a handful of other quirky sounds that are endlessly cute if you’re into that kind of thing.

In the long-term, we think she will make for a great companion. In just six weeks with us, she has made huge strides and is very loveable. In six months, she’ll probably be a full-on BFF, always wanting to talk with you, to be on your lap, and to be loved by you. She’d be a great addition to the right home.


If you would like to meet Esmerelda, please contact me.

Posted in on May 18, 2021

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