Two open Alaska spots: Now discounted

Update, May 22, 4pm: The 11-day spot on 2A has been filled. The 7-day spot on 1C remains open.

Update, May 23, 5pm: The 7-day spot on 1C is no longer available. All our Alaska trips are full.

Due to recent cancellations, I have two spots available on our upcoming trips to Alaska’s Brooks Range. Starting now I’m offering a staggered discount on both. Trip details:

  • Alaska 1C (June 20-26, 7 days): High fitness with me/Andrew and Brandon Chase
  • Alaska 2A (June 26-Jul 6, 11 days): High fitness with Scott Christy and Richard Forbes
  • Location information
  • Fitness information

Due to the travel complexities of the Alaska trips, I share a dedicated planning spreadsheet with the groups instead of posting trip information online as I do for the other locations. But, generally, the schedule is:

  • 1C: Arrive in Fairbanks on Wed, June 19, ideally in time for a 4pm gear check. Fly home on a late-evening flight on Wed, June 26 (or a red-eye on June 27).
  • 2A: Arrive in Fairbanks on Tue, June 25 for the 4pm gear check. Fly home on a late-evening flight on Sat, July 6.

The discount for these trips will be staggered. Full price for the 7-day trip is $3175; for the 11-day, $4,425. The discount does NOT apply to the flight surcharge pass-through expense, which is $1,325 and some of which normally get refunded.

  • 10 percent, today through Wednesday end of day,
  • 20 percent, Thursday-Friday/24th
  • 30percent, Saturday-Monday/27th
  • 40 percent, Tuesday-Wednesday/29th
  • 50 percent, Thursday-Friday/31st
  • 60 percent starting June 1

The discount is based on the date of your application (or, if we already have a 2024 application for you, the date of your email telling us you want one of the spots). 

Actions to take:

  • If you have questions, contact me or leave a comment below
  • If you want to apply, submit an application (skip the application fee since it’ll spare us from refunding it later if it doesn’t work out)
  • If you have already submitted an application this season, you can email me back and I’ll manually duplicate your existing application for one of these spots.

We hope that two of you will take advantage of this opportunity!

Posted in on May 20, 2024

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