These pictures of the Alaska Range are great, but it’d be even better in person


There is one spot available on each of the Alaska Adventure sessions I am running in June. This 7-day backpacking trip will include a packrafting component, as we will use them to ferry across big rivers and to float rivers that are moving in our desired direction of travel. The location is the Eastern Alaska Range, which is just across the Parks Highway from Denali National Park.

The trip dates are:

  • Alaska A — June 16-22
  • Alaska B — June 23-30

The Alaska trips are the most ambitious that I offer. They are designed for intermediate and advanced backpackers; I will also consider beginner backpackers who have shown early competency and ambition, and/or who have joined me on a guided trip before. Read more about the expectations and prerequisites if you’d like.

There is a difference in the A and B sessions. The A session is more physically demanding: the group’s effort will be equivalent to hiking 20+ miles per day on-trail. The B trip is more moderate, with an on-trail equivalent of 15- miles per day. Our actual mileage will vary, depending on the terrain, weather, and pack weights.

If you’ve dreamed of backpacking in Alaska with style, but are intimidated by its dangers and lack of trails, or simply don’t have the time to plan an outing of this magnitude, this might be a great trip for you.

Interested? Register now, or email me with questions, [email protected].

Pictures from my last Alaska Range trip, late-August/early-September 2011

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