Early impressions: Salewa Lite Train Trail Running Shoe

By Andrew Skurka / May 18, 2016 /

Update (June 15, 2016): Also read my full review. Earlier this year Salewa launched its “Mountain Training” category with three distinct models for trail running and hiking. The Lite Train is the most minimal of the bunch, but most definitely still shares hallmarks of Salewa footwear, like robust design and impeccable construction. I will eventually write…

Review: Salewa Lite Train Trail Running Shoes

By Andrew Skurka / June 15, 2016 /

Since sharing my early impressions about the Salewa Lite Train last month, I’ve logged many more miles in them, 140 and counting. For product specs, more photos, shoe comparisons, and less informed insight, refer to my first post. Now, though, it’s time for a full-on review. The Salewa Lite Train retails for $130. They are available…

Review: Salewa Ultra Train Hiking & Running Shoes

By Andrew Skurka / September 13, 2016 /

The Salewa Ultra Train is the shoe I hoped it would be, with one circumvent-able flaw. In the past month I have worn it on rugged backpacking trips in the Colorado Rockies, as well as on several trail runs and mild hikes to better understand its optimal range. Review: Salewa Ultra Train Some may find…