Podcast interviews: Suggested entertainment

In recent months I’ve been a guest on several podcasts. You may have already heard or watched them. If not, and if you’re looking for some backpacking-themed content, these programs may be of interest.

Inside Sports Nutrition

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Eight years ago Dina Griffin conducted my metabolic efficiency test, and decades ago Bob Seebohar was advocating for lower-carbohydrate diets for endurance athletes. To understand more about fueling and nutrition for athletes, follow these two.

Backpacker Radio

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Most winters I get invited by The Trek founder Zach Davis to join him and Juliana Chauncy for an interview. This was number four. The conversation comes easy and typically runs very long, because that’s what happens when three people passionate about backpacking sit around a table in January.

By Land

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Emory Wanger and I had a wide-ranging conversation about high routes, hunting, guiding (of course), and backcountry education.

The Backpacking Podcast

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Jeremiah and John last hosted me in February 2020, weeks before the pandemic arrived in the US. Like the first show, this was a fun — these two are a hoot, and they have very loyal listeners. Even our new tabby Luxor wanted to participate (starting at 16:45).

Posted in on January 20, 2023

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