Andrew has hiked 7,181 miles. He has completed 93% of his 7700 mile hike.

The week of June 12th, Andrew continued to hike the Pacific Northwest Trail. He lost the trail while traveling XC. The weather and the daylight made finding points difficult, and Andrew chose the wrong path. Eventually, knowing he was heading in the correct direction, he made an unexpected stop in the town of Republic. It was nice for us to have an unexpected phone call. We were able to share with him that the advance copy of the August issue of Backpacker Magazine had been sent to the house. Andrew has been chosen as a “Person of the Year” and a nice article accompanies a picture.

The trail the past week continues to climb between valleys and ridges. Andrew particularly enjoyed the Kettle Crest trail, which is 15 miles along a ridge. The valleys are fertile, but the high slopes are arid with sagebrush and cactus. Andrew was concerned about the water quality because the cattle graze on the slopes and he saw cow pies that he suspected were two years old.

On Friday, June 17th, Andrew arrived in Oroville, WA. He was very tired, having spent Thursday, June16th hiking 42 miles to find a safe water source. Andrew spent the night with Ellie Braman, a member of the local Pacific Northwest Trail Association. They invited Andrew to a reception to meet local members and talk about his hike. Andrew enjoyed the evening very much. He got a slow start the next day, taking time to watch the boat races on the lake.

Andrew is looking forward to the upcoming trail through the Pasayten Wilderness. This 150-mile section is reported to be the best of the trail.

Posted in on June 19, 2005

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