Help wanted: Expert backpacking guides to assist in Olympics and Porkies


My roster of Assistant Guides is world-class — no other backpacking guide service or educational organization sends its clients into the field with such accomplished, credible, and authoritative individuals. To boot, they have excellent people and group skills, and necessary medical certifications.

I am looking to add to my roster two additional guides who reside in either the Pacific Northwest or the Great Lakes, to be my go-to assistants for trips in these regions. For 2013, I am specifically looking for an assistant for my 3-day Backpacking Fundamentals trips in Olympic National Park, June 8-10, and in Michigan’s Porcupine Mountains, Oct 25-27. I will be the lead guide.

Basic qualifications

  • At least 21 years-old;
  • Holds, or will hold, certifications in WFR, WFA and/or CPR;
  • Resides within easy driving distance to trip location;
  • Familiarity with trip location or region;

Minimal qualifications

  • Personally credible and accomplished backpacker;
  • Excellent with people and groups;
  • Demonstrable ability to safely plan and manage a group backpacking trip;
  • Previous guiding or outdoor education experience;

Applicants who do not live in the Pacific Northwest or Great Lakes will not be considered. Also, I am not looking for an apprentice, group photographer, pack mule, etc. Please do not apply.

To apply, please use the Guide Application Form.

Posted in on January 15, 2013

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