Are Garmin’s inReach Units Accidentally Calling SAR?

By applying normal pressure to the SOS button on my inReach, I can initiate a SOS message despite the lock switch being properly engaged. Can you?

Posted in on April 2, 2018


  1. Eric on February 21, 2022 at 8:41 pm

    Yes this happened to me in the BWCA with an older DeLorme Explorer (same unit as the full sized Garmin). I keep it powered down and in my pack. Not sure when it happened, probably either packing up in the morning, putting my weight on the portage pack with my knee while I pulled the cinch straps, or later on when I took a break on a portage and sat on the pack. I had no idea this had happened, even when the float plane was circling me in my canoe, even when it landed next to me, even when they asked me if I was okay, even when they asked me if I had a SPOT or other satellite messenger with me. “You signalled an SOS” What? I.. oh crap. The pilot and two rangers were very professional and friendly about it, and I was mortified. They told me that they suspected a false alarm because they could see that I was moving at a healthy pace and I wasn’t responding to their messages.

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