Informational Resources


The SHR is not an official trail and there is no official website either. (There is no promotional website for the guidebook either.) The lack of authoritative, comprehensive online content is what motivated me to put these pages together.

There is a Wikipedia page with some general information and some links. Besides this website, the other most helpful online resource is probably Chris Willet’s website, which has some nice pictures and helpful FAQ.


There is one guidebook, The Sierra High Route: Traversing Timberline Country, by route visionary Steve Roper, and it is a critical resource. It’s available at, and you can also read it online via Google Books. The book is critical in preparing for and doing the hike, so I recommend purchasing a paper copy. Naturally, I removed the essential pages from the book and chopped the margins in order to save weight. And I also underlined any key instructions (e.g., “From the pass, follow the ridge south for 200 feet until you reach a loose Class III gully, which is the safest way to descend to the snowfield below.”) in order to separate them from non-critical text, such as references to historical events and/or surrounding mountains, of which there are many. This improved hiking efficiency because I spent less time looking at and reading the guidebook.

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