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Spiderwoman’s KCHBR Tips


Spiderwoman’s Tips: Kings Canyon High Basin Route || Intro

By Spiderwoman / December 17, 2018 /

The following document was created in early-2018 to serve as tips for future adventurers on the Kings Canyon High Basin Route. I’ve written these Tips because while backpacking fulfills me, it also makes me angsty. If I’m out there adventuring and the only person the experience is serving is me, I get discontent and start…

Spiderwoman’s KCHBR Tips || Section 1: Tablelands

By Spiderwoman / December 17, 2018 /

Silliman Crest Bert From Belgium and I started at Lodgepole and walked up Twin Lakes Trail. But we left the trail too soon. I didn’t realize this until The Brawn and I were back in the area. Bert From Belgium and I did leave Twin Lakes Trail at a creek (although much smaller than Silliman…

Spiderwoman’s KCHBR Tips || Section 2: Great Western Divide

By Spiderwoman / December 17, 2018 /

Colby Lake “After it crosses the outlet stream of Colby Lake”, head up two switchbacks, and then “Leave the Colby Pass Trail”. Talus Creek The combination of Skurka’s descriptions from Part II: As you go, and Critical Interim Updates – v 2.5, provides an excellent description for navigating between Colby Pass Trail and Talus Creek.…

Spiderwoman’s KCHBR Tips || Section 3: South Fork Basins

By Spiderwoman / December 18, 2018 /

Charlotte Lake Kelby, The Brawn, and I started our KCHBR thru-hike loop at Onion Valley TH and walked to Charlotte Lake from Kearsarge Pass. Kelby planned to hike with us to “PR-51” at LeConte Ranger Station and we would all hike over Bishop Pass together. Kelby would leave in his rental car to catch a…

Spiderwoman’s KCHBR Tips || Section 4: Cartridge Basins

By Spiderwoman / December 20, 2018 /

Cautionary Advice Boy did we read Skurka’s cautionary advice at a sensitive time. We were in the middle of rationing our way to running out of food, an impassable cornice had blocked King Col, we had a physically challenging time descending Should-Go Canyon…and had high anxiety not knowing if it would even go near the…

Spiderwoman’s KCHBR Tips || Section 5: Ionian Basin

By Spiderwoman / December 26, 2018 /

We skipped Ionian Basin due to Skurka’s cautionary advice. Our less-than-perfect encounters with King Col, Should-Go Canyon, Woods Creek, Dumbbell Pass, and Amphitheater Pass were still fresh in our minds. Connecting our steps via the Middle Fork Trail still gave us that special brand of satisfaction that a thru-hike brings. We also got to see…

Spiderwoman’s KCHBR Tips || Section 6: Monarch Divide

By Spiderwoman / December 26, 2018 /

Simpson Meadow Trail I ate a nice big breakfast. Our food bags were full again, so I was back to my normal, stick-to-the-ribs pot full of energy. By the time we got to the “small trailside campsite at Horseshoe Creek” (which I thought was kinda big), I was feeling sick to my stomach. The problem…

Spiderwoman’s KCHBR Tips || Reflections, conditions, comparisons

By Spiderwoman / December 29, 2018 /

Where We Camped, Approximate Daily Mileage 2016 1. Tarn below Mt Silliman. 5m 2. Lonely Lake. 12.5m 3. Just shy of Colby Lake, just past “PR-15”. 10m 4. Avalanche Pass area Where We Camped, Approximate Daily Mileage 2017 1. Creek just before Gardiner Pass. 11m 2. Between “PR-31” and “PR-32”. 5m 3. Lake below King…