Houston Marathon training: Re-finding purpose & speed || David Roche interview

By Andrew Skurka / January 9, 2018 /

Prior to my big races last year — Boston, Bighorn, and UTMB — I interviewed David Roche, who has coached me for 12+ months now. They were opportunities to discuss the rationale behind each training block and to reflect on the results they generated, with the hope of providing readers with some value. Read the…

Preview: Trail Designs Kojin Stove, a StarLyte replacement || Russ Zandbergen interview

By Andrew Skurka / February 18, 2018 /

While I am frequently linked with the Super Cat Stove and was a longtime user, for the last three years I have relied on a more engineered system that is more fuel-efficient, wind-resistant, and stable. Its cornerstone is the Trail Designs Sidewinder Cone. Trail Designs has just released the Kojin Stove, which is meant to be…

Ultralight Jerk: “Gift of laughter to a boring, anal retentive, and obsessive hobby”

By Andrew Skurka / March 7, 2018 /

Last October I was tagged on Instagram in the post below, by a handle I didn’t recognize, Ultralight Jerk. Despite being the punchline, I thought it was funny and creative, as were the other dozen posts that were live at that time. Ultralight Jerk has continued to plug away, and now has nearly 3,000 followers. I…