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The brushed polyester fleece will likely not withstand extensive abrasion without pilling, tearing, or holing. It is also not resistant to precipitation.

Review: Yukon Gear Hunting Field Vest

Prior to the big game hunting season I purchased the blaze orange Yukon Gear Field Vest for less than $30 from Amazon. I was drawn to its price and simple design. After closer first-hand inspection, however, I decided to return it due to concerns over its abrasion-resistance and long-term durability. Fit The vest fits true to […]

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Hauling out 69 pounds of elk meat and gear last October in the Colorado Rockies.

Download instructions: Backpack hunt gear lists for elk & deer

In a recent series I shared my backpack hunting gear lists for big game like elk and deer. Each post contains a detailed list and an in-depth discussion of my selections: Introduction Before the Shot The Shot After the Shot For reader convenience, I have made these lists available for download as a set of PDF’s and […]

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Equipment and supplies for field dressing and packing out big game

Backpack Hunt Gear List || After the shot: Field dressing & packing out

Backpack Hunt Gear List: After the shot For good reason, hunters often comment that, “The real work begins after pulling the trigger.” I can’t understate the effort involved in field dressing an animal and then packing out the meat (150-200 pounds for an elk), in addition to gear. Hunt with a friend — you’ll be glad […]

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Safety clothing, optics, and calls, plus a hunting license

Backpack Hunt Gear List || Before the shot: Clothing, optics & calls

Backpack Hunt Gear List: Before the shot With the exception of a lucky outing, finding the game often constitutes the bulk of most hunts. In fact, about 75 percent of hunting trips in Colorado end without having taken a shot or packed out meat. If it were that easy, it’d be called shooting, not hunting. Optics and safety clothing […]

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A raked lodgepole in the Colorado Rockies

Backpack Hunt Gear Lists for Big Game (elk & deer) || Introduction

Next month I will be hunting elk and deer during Colorado’s third rifle season. As with my previous fall hunts, this will be a backpack hunt: I will carry an overnight load and have a mobile camp. I’ll be joined by Steve, a friend and running partner. Essentially, we’re going on a conventional backpacking trip in the Colorado […]

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They're around, as evidence by the dropping and tree rubs, but they're difficult to hunt in such thick timber.

Assessment: Big game hunting in Colorado’s GMU 29 and GMU 371

The application deadline for Colorado’s big game hunting lottery is on Tuesday. For certain game management units, seasons, species, and sexes, the draw is your only chance. Otherwise, less coveted over-the-counter tags can be purchased starting July 26. For 2016 I’ve decided that I’m going to to hunt a new area for elk and deer, instead of GMU 29 or GMU 371, as I have […]

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