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The cure for damp feet and boots: a portable propane heater.

Backpack hunting: My evolving approach

Originally I thought that hunting would be an extension of the backpacking season. Like in the summer but now with a rifle in hand and in the pursuit of elk and deer, I wanted to roam deep in world-class wilderness areas and to camp in different spots each night. But I’ve learned that this approach is […]

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From here we saw dozens of elk about 4 miles away, comfortably hanging out on private land.

Hunt report: Almost a successful timber sneak

Morapos Creek delivered last year, our first hunt in Colorado’s GMU 12. Steve and I saw elk or fresh elk tracks several times per day, encountered few other hunters, and shot a 4-point bull on Sunday afternoon. Hoping for a similar experience and results, we returned this year. For extra manpower, we added Noel, with whom I […]

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The Pentax DCF are small and light, but stupidly so. The Nikon Monarch 5 will justify their extra heft with their superior performance.

Hunting binocular shopping: More personal than I thought it’d be

During recent hunting seasons, I’ve been very satisfied with my backpack hunt gear list save for one item: my Pentax DCF LV 9×28 binoculars. They’re compact and light (just 12.9 oz), and they were reasonably priced ($225 MSRP), but they proved ill-suited for big game hunting in Colorado, lacking satisfactory: Low light performance; Field of view (only 5.6*), eye […]

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