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The Pentax DCF are small and light, but stupidly so. The Nikon Monarch 5 will justify their extra heft with their superior performance.

Hunting binocular shopping: More personal than I thought it’d be

During recent hunting seasons, I’ve been very satisfied with my backpack hunt gear list save for one item: my Pentax DCF LV 9×28 binoculars. They’re compact and light (just 12.9 oz), and they were reasonably priced ($225 MSRP), but they proved ill-suited for big game hunting in Colorado, lacking satisfactory: Low light performance; Field of view (only 5.6*), eye […]

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The brushed polyester fleece will likely not withstand extensive abrasion without pilling, tearing, or holing. It is also not resistant to precipitation.

Review: Yukon Gear Hunting Field Vest

Prior to the big game hunting season I purchased the blaze orange Yukon Gear Field Vest for less than $30 from Amazon. I was drawn to its price and simple design. After closer first-hand inspection, however, I decided to return it due to concerns over its abrasion-resistance and long-term durability. Fit The vest fits true to […]

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Hauling out 69 pounds of elk meat and gear last October in the Colorado Rockies.

Download instructions: Backpack hunt gear lists for elk & deer

In a recent series I shared my backpack hunting gear lists for big game like elk and deer. Each post contains a detailed list and an in-depth discussion of my selections: Introduction Before the Shot The Shot After the Shot For reader convenience, I have made these lists available for download as a set of PDF’s and […]

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Equipment and supplies for field dressing and packing out big game

Backpack Hunt Gear List || After the shot: Field dressing & packing out

Backpack Hunt Gear List: After the shot For good reason, hunters often comment that, “The real work begins after pulling the trigger.” I can’t understate the effort involved in field dressing an animal and then packing out the meat (150-200 pounds for an elk), in addition to gear. Hunt with a friend — you’ll be glad […]

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