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Review: Cascade Mountain Tech Quick Lock Trekking Poles | Shockingly awesome performance for $30

By Andrew Skurka / July 21, 2015 /

Update, November 11 2015:  Also read my long-term review. Two months ago at the local Costco I bought Cascade Mountain Tech Quick Lock Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles. They are also available from Amazon (go here) with Prime shipping. At a minimum, I thought they would be useful for visiting family and friends. At best, I hoped…

Carbon fiber trekking poles at Costco for $27 are perfect for casual and/or cash-strapped backpackers

By Andrew Skurka / August 6, 2012 /

Yesterday Amanda found a great deal on trekking poles, at Costco of all places. We’ve been slowly assembling her backpacking kit since she will be joining me on a 3-day trip in Rocky Mountain National Park and a 7-day trip in Yosemite National Park later this Summer and Fall. Poles were still on the list…